N Ireland Business Awards 2017

6 SME NEWS / Northern Ireland Business Awards 2017 , ongoing training programs. Our commercial attitude stems from the belief that all projects need to be profitable for all concerned, most importantly, our clients.” Discussing the industry currently, Jim observes that there has been a greater demand for the skills of Northern Ireland firms throughout Great Britain, as he points out that the company was awarded the contract to extend the Hampton by Hilton Hotel at Exeter Airport, rather than a firm closer to home. “Building firms based in the province have seen a healthy increase in workloads and enquiries during the first three months of this year but much of this work is actually taking place on the mainland and not here in Northern Ireland. “This means that we are not seeing the local economic benefits that construction brings - instead, this is being enjoyed elsewhere. It is a testament to the quality of Northern Ireland building firms that they are so in-demand on mainland Britain, but it is my belief that we should be reaping the benefits of their talents locally. “In addition, the new housing is coming off a very low base, and it is estimated that we actually need around 11,000 new houses to be built every year in order to meet existing demand in Northern Ireland, Rowallane feels that as a local contractor the benefits of working at home in the current climate outweighs the end to travel to the mainland.” Working within the construction industry, Rowallane must constantly adapt to the dynamic and ever changing work environment. Jim explains how the company works hard to maintain its success and stay ahead of any developments and change within the industry and the company. “An innovative and ambitious company, we are dedicated to continuous improvement strategies, applying new technologies and expanding and advancing to provide high quality solutions to complex challenges.” Guaranteeing clients get the best quality service, Jim notes how each project the firm takes on is managed carefully by an experienced and quality team, working with the clients and letting them know what is going on every step of the way. Repeat business and word of mouth are major factors in how companies can gain and keep business, and can be used as a measure of how successful the company is. “Regarding our project management, we support the management of every project with a dedicated team of specialists to deliver the best solution for each client. Our wide network of construction industry experts, depth of knowledge and experience, and exceptional customer service gives our clients peace of mind and reassurance that their interests will be managed thoroughly and resourcefully. “Clients are probably one of the most important aspect of our work. We have seen markets, economies, competition and technology come and go over the past 60 years, but we have persisted by building customer relationships that last and acquiring industry knowledge that is ever deepening. We continue to embrace change as we live out our company’s founding values of continuously setting standards in the industry through the speed and quality of our construction. “In an effort to reduce the environmental impact of our projects, we are committed to setting standards in sustainability across the industry. Rowallane has formed a strong client base across a large number of sectors in Northern Ireland and further afield built on mutual respect, trust and the exceptional value we bring to every project. Our customer satisfaction is reflected in the huge percentage of repeat business achieved every year.” Ultimately, there is a lot to look forward to for Jim and Rowallane. As he states, the future is bright and the results highlight this, gaining a foothold in the market as it works to become a true leader in the industry. “Moving forward, our upcoming projects, working in Dublin, Cork, Belfast and Glasgow is testimony to the growth and emergence of Rowallane as a company that clients can trust to deliver on time to the agreed budget, every time. “Looking ahead, the future of Rowallane Construction Ltd is a bright one. We have sustained growth year on year, and have added to our growing portfolio of clients, across many different industries. Were once we were regarded as a small player, we have now gained a foothold in the market place due to our growing reputation for quality, reliability but most important of all, our integrity and work ethics.”