Midlands Enterprise Awards 2017

SME NEWS / Midlands Enterprise Awards 2017 11 , Lotus Flower Consultancy specialises in Leadership andManagement Development with its services including Consultancy, Design, Facilitation and Coaching. We invited theManaging DirectorWendyanne Shapiro to tell us more about the company and share the secrets behind its success. Best Professional Development Coaching Company 2017 Working with small and medium sized businesses, Lotus Flower Consultancy is classed as a ‘trusted partner’ working in various industries both in private and public sectors. The services provided include consultancy, design and facilitation of bespoke solutions, along with an increased requirement for one to one coaching support for individuals and teams. “Here at Lotus Flower Consultancy, our primary aims are to drive cultural change and increase performance and efficiency. This is done through the engagement and enablement of employees. We work at all levels from the board to the frontline. Our focus remains on corporate objectives, performance requirements and outcomes. We operate using a tripartite model, looking at the individual, the team and the organisation and enhancing the relationship between the three.” Lotus Flower Consultancy benefits its clients by providing a different view of their business. Wendyanne describes how the company gets involved from the inside, understanding the real needs of the client, then offering bespoke advice which adds true value. “Central to our success is the fact that we help people look at their business through a different lens. Our role is to act critically and consciously, considering broader aspects of the ever-changing world such as, discrimination, diversity and equality as well as highlighting new generation approaches and thinking. Rather than listing a portfolio of products we integrate ourselves in the business, we get to know our clients fully, meaning we can offer unique advice and recommendations.” Overall, there are many challenges which can affect a company such as Lotus Flower Consultancy. Wendyanne mentions that ‘people’ strategies, training and staying ahead of innovation & development is key to the success of any business. “Businesses now need to have a multi-skilled workforce that are not only compliant and competent but also futureproofed. The lack of clarity and uncertainty regarding Brexit and what exiting means is having an adverse effect on the businesses we work with. We are actively working with clients building their business readiness for pending changes, this includes focusing on commerciality, sustaining a competitive advantage, professionalising services and collaborating across differing environments.” Our Wendyanne described how she felt winning this award. “Our goal is to remain “big enough to cope yet small enough to care. We have always considered we have a privileged role and we love what we do, this award provides the external endorsement we are doing it right!” Company: Lotus Flower Consultancy Ltd Contact: Wendyanne Shapiro Email: Wendyanne@lotusflowerconsultancy.com Contact Telephone: 07764 837989 Web Address: www.lotusflowerconsultancy.com MID17006

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