Midlands Enterprise Awards 2017

12 SME NEWS / Midlands Enterprise Awards 2017 , RerumConsultancy Ltd offers a wealth of commercial experience of more than 20 years in the food ingredients, nutraceuticals and FMCG industries. We interviewed Serge van Kleef to find out more. Best Product Commercialisation Consultancy in Ingredients & FMCG 2017 Established in 2007 in Nottingham, Rerum offers a wealth of commercial experience of more than 20 years in the Food Ingredients, Nutraceuticals & FMCG industry. Serge talks us through the firm and how it works to ensure excellence for each and every one of its valued clients. “At Rerum Consultancy, we support brand owners into seeking greater category insight, and also advise partner companies in developing new products (commercialisation) to sell or market them in the way that is needed in today’s market place. Rerum also helps build ingredient companies within the food industry, to develop their brands. When we were initially contacted and told that Rerum had been nominated for this award we were delighted that our business has reached a point that somebody recognises us as worthy of an award. We’re immensely proud to have won this award. It highlights to us that what we offer our clients a business platform that works. “Drawing on our knowledge surrounding worldwide manufacturing industries, we can develop partnerships between the manufacturer and new product developments. We also identify and conduct in-depth research, on potential business acquisitions within the manufacturing industry (FMCG & Ingredients) for clients when requested.” It is the firm’s specialist focus which sets it apart from its competitors in the market, as Serge explains. “Fundamentally, we think of ourselves as a ‘boutique consultancy’ in the Food Ingredients, Nutraceuticals & FMCG industries. We provide a service with a wealth of knowledge, networking experience and professionalism that can compete with even the largest of companies. Everyone at Rerum prides themselves and is driven by our focus to support our clients and customer requirements. We feel that the personal touch to client/customer focus is fundamental to Rerum’s uniqueness. Our integrity, transparency and respect to our clients and customers is paramount.” Looking to the future there are a number of great developments which will see the firm build upon its current success and grow even further, as Serge is proud to conclude. “Overall, Rerum has exciting times ahead with some potentially big projects in the pipeline. Expansion plans are forecasted, with our own range of food ingredient products for 2018. With the continued growth of the company and its team we are looking forward to the months ahead.” Company: Rerum Consultancy Ltd Contact: Serge van Kleef Address: PO Box 8702, Nottingham, NG2 9BG, UK Phone/Fax :+44 (0) 115 9224071 Mobile :+44 (0) 7738 467389 Email: serge@rerumconsultancy.com Website: www.rerumconsultancy.com LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/sergevankleef MID17008

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