Midlands Enterprise Awards 2017

8 SME NEWS / Midlands Enterprise Awards 2017 , Catherine Care offers a wide range of services for adults with learning disabilities. We spoke to Sharron Keown to find out more about the facility and the services it provides. Best Learning Disabled Support Service - Staffordshire Catherine Care offers residential care, supported living and a community access programme that concentrates on day and evening activities as well as a personal assistant service. The team believes that everyone should have the opportunity to explore and develop their potential. Sharron talks us through the organisation’s mission, ensuring that people with a learning disability have the same rights and opportunities as any other citizen. “Here at Catherine Care, our aim is to enable people to achieve their dreams, aspirations and fulfil their potential. We do this by always believing with a little creativity and adaptation anything is possible. We learn a great deal about how to embrace life from our clients.” Staff at Catherine Care not only care for residents, but also learn from them. Alongside boasting a wealth of experience in working and sharing with people with additional needs, there is also an understanding that anything less than the best is not acceptable, as Sharron explains. “One of the many reasons we are different to other similar companies is that although we have extensive professional experience it is also run by people who understand the challenges and joy of sharing a life with someone with additional needs. This means we do not accept anything short of excellence in our own care and support services.” Looking ahead, Sharron mentions how the organisation are constantly training staff and teaching them, guaranteeing that clients and residents receive the best possible care, as new methods are always being introduced and Catherine Care wants to make sure the services provided are up to date. “Staying ahead of any advances, we offer a continuous programme of training and education to keep standards so staff are consistent well-trained and work to our shared standards and values. We also wherever possible develop our own management team through training and mentoring. Additionally, we run apprenticeship, training and mentoring programmes. We need a skilled and trained workforce for the future.” Upcoming developments mean the organisation plans to include mental health and physical disabilities support, as it continues to expand. An integral part of the community, its tea rooms and craft shop is growing, along with the drama group, showcasing the integral work that Catherine Care does with its clients and its community. Company: Catherine Care Contact: Sharron Keown Email: sharron@catherinecare.com Address: Unit 13A Jerome Road, Jerome Business Park, Norton Canes Cannock, WS11 9UE, UK Phone: 01922 415 888 Website: www.catherinecare.com MID17002

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