Welsh Enterprise Awards 2017

6 SME NEWS / Welsh Enterprise Awards 2017 , CSJ is an innovative company which provides high nutritionworking dog food at a reasonable price. Ceri Rundle gives us an insight into the success of the company and its overall aims. Best Dog Food Manufacturer 2017 CSJ attracts a range of clients and customers thanks to the high quality dog food it provides. Top handlers in dog sports around the world choose the firm’s range of feeds, herbs, treats and supplements. Ceri outlines what she believes to be some of the major reasons behind the company’s success. “Relating to our success at CSJ, I believe the reason behind our success is that the CSJ team is led by trust rather than control, through product research and development, as well as sales and marketing. It is because of this, that in 20 years, CSJ has grown from a small business that I founded, to the thriving international organisation it is today. I manage the team that is responsible for everything from product development and manufacture, through to sponsorship, designing and producing team kit, organising events, liaising with top handlers and events, packaging design and ad/promotional materials.” Fundamentally, the inspiration behind CSJ is that Ceri was unable to find an affordable, quality, extruded food that suited her own dogs. This led her to found the firm based on the idea of providing quality foods which were affordable and kept dogs healthy and fit. She looks to the future, aiming to significantly increase the brand awareness of CSJ. “Looking forward, we want to continue to build brand awareness that CSJ are behind every dog sport. The team promote events and handlers at every level from sponsorship to creating merchandise, event banners to blog posts, films and live social media that lead the way in reporting individual and team success in a huge range of dog sports.” Overall, not just content with building up her own business, Ceri describes the nature of how the firm’s increasing business would benefit both Wales and Europe. Developing the future strength of the brand is most important to Ceri, who strives in every way possible, to achieve the target of making CSJ, the name for dog food, treats, herbs and supplements that successful working dog handlers rely on. “Ultimately, producing a food that can be labelled as the best is the main aim of the company and where we want to be in the future. The CSJ brand means everything to me in terms of associations with my family history, and building a reputation for well-renowned high quality dog nutrition would be an amazing achievement for CSJ.” WEL17006 Company: CSJ.K9 Ltd Contact: Ceri Rundle Email: ceri@csjk9.com Address: Bodfari, Denbighshire, LL16 4HS, UK Phone: 01745 710470 Web Address: www.csjk9.com

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