2018 UK Southern Business Awards

SME NEWS / 2018 UK Southern Business Awards 7 , DJS (UK) Limited is a technical innovations and software development company, working in the financial services sector. We spoke to the CEO, DanWare, to find out more about the firm and the range of services it has to offer. Best Short-Term Finance Software Developer 2018 Established in 2012, DJS (UK) Limited has developed a range of solutions over the years, including Leadtree Global, a Financial Services Affiliate Network and real-time lead management system, and PiggyBank, the UK’s fastest growing short-term lender. Supporting a range of clients who have experienced an unexpected circumstance, and are in need of a short-term financial solution, the company works hard to ensure that clients receive the very highest possible standards of service, as Dan explores in his initial comments. “We’re proud to have recently been identified as the fastest growing payday lender by Plimsoll Publishing Ltd, which is largely due to our reputation of being responsible and human. This is because whilst many companies in the short-term finance industry seem to focus on quantity rather than quality, we are the exact opposite. We make sure that we reach the right outcome for the customer every time, regardless of their circumstances. We believe that the right outcome isn’t always the easiest one. We have tried to make our technical innovations streamlined and user friendly, so our agents can focus on our customers rather than system frustrations and improvements. “Over the years since we first started, success has come through many avenues but one of the main goals of our company is to put customer service first. In order to achieve this, we build bespoke software in almost all areas of the business. A tailored approach to software has provided us benefits too long to list, but critically we can adapt, innovate, and get intelligent live analytics. As our company has grown so has our experience, which is reflected not only in our software but also our staff. Our staff are attentive, supportive and knowledgeable, and understand ownership and what it is to be responsible. Fundamentally we want everyone to understand and exhibit great customer service, whatever department they are in.” Being based in Dorset offers DJS (UK) Limited many opportunities to work with a range of exceptional clients and staff, as Dan highlights. “Dorset is one of the most vibrant, beautiful areas of Britain. Bournemouth has been blessed by improved infrastructure and investment, such as through the Boscombe Regeneration Partnership. There is a strong presence within the financial industry on the south coast. Several lenders base their headquarters here, and areas like Bournemouth in particular have a reputation for business growth. Location is important: it’s a key point to attracting personalities who have family values or want to be outside enjoying an energetic lifestyle. It is extremely important for us to attract the right individuals. “Additionally, Bournemouth is the second fastest growing area for start-ups in the UK, surpassing London and many other major cities. Other recent successful local start-ups include Lush, Jimmy’s Iced Coffee and many others. When DJS (UK) Limited was founded in 2012, it was a conscious decision to plant ourselves in an area that would allow us to grow and to get the best people. Today we enjoy the entrepreneurial spirit of the region and are looking forward to further success in Bournemouth going forward.” With the future stretched in front of it, our financial solutions looks set to continue to succeed in the short-term lending market and support an even wider range of clients, as Dan proudly concludes. “Since moving to larger premises recently, we have continued to grow in staff and customers. In order to keep this momentum, we intend to optimise all areas possible, though it’s not always easy to launch new products, as it is important to first ensure that your current products are performing as well as they can. We are, however, looking to grow Leadtree Global, branching out to other countries. Our marketing strategy also includes making our communications more personal and relevant to different segments of our current customer base. These developments will provide us with many exciting opportunities which we look forward to taking advantage of over the years ahead.” DJS (UK) Limited SOU18004 Company: DJS (UK) Limited Contact: Omar Agor-Wood Address: 28 Avenue Road, Bournemouth, BH2 5SL, UK Phone: 01202 472987 Website: www.djslimited.co.uk

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