2021 SME NEWS Welsh Enteprise Awards Landscape Packages

The Welsh Enterprise Awards 2021 are here to celebrate the small and medium enterprises which continue to diversify and invigorate the Welsh business community. With a distinct cultural heritage which sets it apart from the rest of the UK, several government-supported enterprise zones and a booming tourist industry, Wales is the perfect situation for a thriving SME culture. Its proud industrial heritage shines forth into the present day, and the manufacturing industry continues to account for nearly one-third of the GDP of Wales. Over the past decade Wales has continued to be renowned for its industry giants within the fields of agriculture, aerospace, construction, and energy. The Welsh economy has in recent years evolved into a pioneer of sustainability, with Cardiff recently celebrating its 17th year as a Fair Trade City. Not limited to its capital city, the Welsh Nation continued to make history in becoming the world’s first certified Fair Trade Nation in 2008. It is now predicted that over half of the country’s energy needs are being met by renewable sources. With such a world-leading approach towards protecting our natural resources, it’s no wonder the region is famed for its outstanding natural beauty. It’s upland national parks and coastal regions continue to act as thriving markets for tourism, and in the current uncertainty around international tourism and travel, this holiday season will likely see a boom in local tourism with many Brits escaping to the historic castles and extensive natural attractions of the Welsh heartland. As Wales continues to lead the way in promoting fresh, new, and innovate ideas, so too do SME News who wish to celebrate and spotlight those inspirational and exciting businesses, individuals, and enterpris- es from all corners of the country. The Packages Congratulations for making it to this stage of the competition. As a victor, SME News is delighted to offer you our basic press release items at no charge. This includes a completely complimentary entry in our official Welsh Enterprise Awards directory, and a copy of our official press release. As well as offering these items, we also have several commercial packages available, each are designed to enhance your award and offer you access to our widely distributed and sought-after publication. Please review at your leisure. Welcome To the Welsh Enterprise Awards hosted by SME NEWS WELSH ENTERPRISE AWARDS 2021