2022 Northern Enterprise Award Packages

Northern Enterprise Awards introduction Introduction Accounting for over 99% of the business population in the country, SMEs play an essential part in keeping the UK’s economy afloat. With business owners coming on leaps and bounds after a turbulent couple of years, small-to-medium enterprises in the UK are thriving following a hugely promising start to 2022. Business creation in the North of England is way ahead of the UK average, and with this in mind, it is the perfect time to announce the Northern Enterprise Awards, proudly hosted by SME News! Incredibly, the diverse economy of the North of England is currently worth more than a huge £340 billion, which puts the North ahead of countries such as Austria and Norway. Therefore, there has never been a better time to participate within the Northern Enterprise Awards 2022! Back for the fourth consecutive year, this award has been designed to recognise the companies and teams who are excelling and innovating within their market. Complimentary Access to the official press release & listing in the annual SEO directory