2023 UK Transport Award Packages

Packages Packages About Us Introduction www.sme-news.co.uk SME News is del ighted to welcome you once again to the prest igious UK Transport Awards! Returning for the fi fth consecut ive year in 2023, this programme wi l l shine a spot l ight on the key players and leading innovators operat ing wi thin the diverse UK transport industry! The past few years have been especial ly di fficul t for this sector – wi th workforce shortages, operat ional constraints dur ing the pandemic, r ising fuel costs, supply chain disrupt ions, and disputes regarding pay al l being chal lenges to overcome. Thanks to government funding ini t iat ives and the enthusiasm of the Br i t ish publ ic, who have returned in great number to road, rai l , sea, and ai r travel since COVID restr ict ions were l i fted, the Transport industry has received a welcome boost and is now back on track for economic success. The UK Transport Awards 2023 plan to recognise the companies whose hard work and dedicat ion have kept this sector operat ing throughout these chal lenging t imes. Despi te al l the recent obstacles, the Transport industry is recover ing much more swi ft ly than many other departments, making the out look for the future an increasingly posi t ive one. The sector is even predicted to enter a per iod of substant ial growth by the end of 2022, which may soon resul t in transport once again becoming the fastest-growing market in the UK. Progress is being made in more ways than one, wi th large investments into technology and software dr iving innovat ion across the board. New technologies being rol led out in the Rai lway and Shipping sectors speci fical ly have al lowed for safer, greener, more efficient, and cheaper modes of operat ion. Bronze Package 595 GBP • Ful l page edi tor ial • Bespoke trophy • Personal ised digi tal logo SME News Q4 2022/ News Solutions 4 Health’s mission statement is comprised of innovative and sustainable lifestyle and clinical services to maximise positive outcomes for each and every individual. It promotes these services to target people with inequitable health outcomes. Offering top-quality healthcare to a plethora of patients, Solutions 4 Health believes in equality for all – providing the best technology and healthcare integration for everyone it comes into contact with. As a wildly advanced company, Solutions 4 Health offers over 20 services to over 100,000 members of the public on an annual basis. Employing over 300 healthcare staff, Solutions 4 Health works with many NHS employees that make up around 60% of its healthcare assets. By delivering its top-tier services to 15 councils, it is able to supply its ground-breaking skills and solutions have been altering the trajectory of the healthcare industry. The councils involved are for integrated lifestyle services, sexual health services, adult and child weight management, children’s lifestyles services in schools, falls prevention, NHS health checks, smoking-cessation, clinical services for Tier 3 weight management, new information systems and technology solutions, plus much more. It also provides chronic disease self-management courses – all of which are referenced on its comprehensive website. For people across the country, Solutions 4 Health generously acts as a buttress for each individual and every sector in its industry. Backing new clinical technologies and deploying a healthcare team of trained medical staff who achieved their qualifications via the Stanford School of Medicine. Its Wellness Coaches are fully qualified and find no troubles when connecting and engaging with people whilst providing the best support for hard to reach members of society – these members of the public can be pregnant women, mental health service users, young people, and more. Its most recent and most sought after service is its provision of LFTs (Lateral Flow Tests) that have been absolutely invaluable and completely necessary in saving people’s lives. Due to Covid-19, Solutions 4 Health has had to adapt itself to find a healthy medium for which to deliver the best care and preventative care on the market. It has provided LFTs from December 2020 and has also been administering Covid-19 vaccinations since May 2021 – its deep wealth of knowledge and compassion knows no bounds as it reaches out to all it can to supply the most up-to-date technology and developments. Solutions 4 Health has provided Covid-19 vaccinations through its mobile community wellness buses that have been able to reach an astonishing amount of people near where they live. Not only does it provide rapid testing for Covid-19, but it does so in a way that ensures peace of mind for those who don’t even have any symptoms. With this service offered around Sandwell, Slough, Dudley, West Berkshire, and Bracknell, Solutions 4 Health has been covering a huge radius so that people can stay safe. Giving people a chance to test frequently and accurately, Solutions 4 Health scales, monitors, and supervises large scale LFT sites both in the greater community alongside workplaces or corporate settings. Solutions 4 Health is experienced as well as knowledgeable and prides itself on its services. Both unmatched and inspirational, Solutions 4 Health is able to lead the mobile testing world as well as motivate others to take on the challenge for the greater good of humanity. 2022 has been a rollercoaster so far. Yet, Solutions 4 Health has been there every step of the way. It will continue on its path of success and brilliance by helping people to not simply survive, but to flourish. The future looks incredible for Solutions 4 Health and its incredible work. Contact: Leena Sankla Company: Solutions 4 Health Web Address: https://www.solutions4health.co.uk/ Solutions 4 Health is an organisation that provides cutting-edge technology and solutions to individuals all over the country. With a rich background in scientific practice and deeply rooted in the healthcare industry, it has a large span of networks that reach a multitude of communities that require advice, support, and impeccable results. Most Trusted for Mobile Corporate COVID Testing Solutions, 2022 - United Kingdom "Offering top-quality healthcare to a plethora of patients, Solutions 4 Health believes in equality for all – providing the best technology and healthcare integration for everyone it comes into contact with."