2023 UK Transport Award Packages

Packages Packages PlatinumPackage 2,995 GBP- Limited Availability • Support ing front cover image & headl ine • Double page spread • Bespoke trophy • Wal l plaque • Personal ised digi tal logo • Personal ised digi tal cert i ficate • 4-page digi tal brochure SME News Q4 2022/ News The whole world seems to be waking up to the planetary emergency we are sleepwalking into. Everywhere you look, there are people, companies and initiatives to help tackle this problem, and rightfully so. But we see this as our opportunity to be the centre of this - by doing our bit and leading by example. Because we want to look back in the future and say that we joined the movement to protect the future of humanity. For our families, friends, and communities. That’s why we relish the opportunity to build digital ideas, products and solutions using our three-pillar approach. People-first, technology-enabled and planet-conscious. Leading global businesses give us the opportunity to explore and create their digital ideas, products and solutions with the right technology, in the most digitally sustainable way. Working with clients from multiple sectors and industries, and as leaders in digital transformation projects, we built successful partnerships through digital innovation and collaboration. Over 500 million Vodafone customers use apps and websites built on our technology, we rolled out a new digital platform across 30 international and regional roofing brands and 40 markets worldwide for BMI, and we’ve plugged design, prototyping and development skill gaps for the likes of Visa, LV and The AA. But we also work with the public and charity sectors including GOV.UK, BBC, MARINElife and CAB, and these projects have led us to introduce digital for the first time or manage to replace entire legacy systems. At DD, we are actively seeking pro-bono community projects we can get involved in. The latest one of this kind has been creating a digital campaign for the Leave no Trace Brighton charity to engage the community in taking action to reduce waste and protect wildlife and natural habitats. As a company, our entire ethos is built around people, the planet and technology. This is reflected in the way we work with each other and how we live, at work and outside of it. Our team is critical to our success. By promoting an honest, open and collaborative culture, we focus on refining our problem-solving skills and innovating for clients. We love to welcome new people with different ideas and experiences and strongly believe a diverse and supportive culture leads to excellence. Our team has grown exponentially over the past year and we’ve welcomed 32 new DD-ers in 2021, which has meant new additions to the exciting number of cultures and backgrounds. Just to give you an idea, here are some of the initiatives we’ve recently introduced based on the three pillars that guide our business: • We’ve submitted our application to become B Corp certified. The reason behind moving to align Digital Detox to the B Corp framework is to drive us forward in building a better business and allow us to measure ourselves on how we perform against the framework. Becoming a B Corp will build trust, capability and value in our organisation. • We’ve partnered with Cushon to be our new workplace net zero pension provider. This further affirms our ethos of focusing on people, the planet and technology and will help us with more responsible investing. Digital Detox embeds sustainability across its business and creative output and so Cushon, with its world’s first net zero now pension and ESG voting functionality is a natural partner. Founded in 2004, the Digital Detox (DD) team is made up of nearly 50 strategists, creatives, and engineers who use technology to solve complex problems impacting the future of people on this planet. The company’s mission is what it’s striving to do more of, so here are some examples of what that looks like as it wins Best Strategic Digital Design and Development Agency 2022 – London. • Our employees can enjoy financial freedom through our partnership with Bippit. Bippit will give our brilliant team useful tips and support to help them manage their finances. We also hope it’ll show the team how much we value them, and that we will invest in their wellbeing across all areas of life, including their financial health. • We became a signatory of the MotherBoard, a community that supports the inclusion of working mothers in the tech industry. Diversity, inclusion, culture, fairness, support; they’re all key areas of how we work. People and purpose are what makes profit, not the other way around. That’s why we decided to join a community of like-minded businesses that demonstrates their commitment to improving gender equality and inclusivity - MotherBoard. We’ve got big plans for 2022 and we’re looking to grow the team to help us achieve our goals, which include launching a new product and tech strategy capability; identifying the right bigger stage for DD to move into for opportunities and talent; and setting up at least one key partnership with a community or environmental based organisation. If you’re looking for any support in digital strategy, design, or full stack development, just reach out. Our humanity led approach means we’re always looking to connect to more people and businesses who care about people, the planet and technology. Company: Digital Detox Web Address: www.digital-detox.co.uk The Future of Technology Should Care for People and Planet WS Transportation: Best Commercial Vehicles & Plant Machinery Transport Company 2022 SME News- UK Transport Awards 2023 Company name or Company logo Award title Have been named within the (Campaign name) This is to certify that: Awarded (Month Year) CERTIFICATE AWARD Jane Henderson AI Global Media Ltd J Henderson Editor’s Choice Package 4,995 GBP- Only One Available • Main front cover image & headl ine • 4 page edi tor ial • 2 Bespoke trophies • 1 Wal l plaque • Personal ised digi tal logo • Personal ised digi tal cert i ficate • 8-page digi tal brochure • 100 high qual i ty copies of your 8-page brochure • Double Page Spread in future issue of SME News SME News- UK Transport Awards 2023 Best Community Transport Service - South London For over twenty years, the team at Healthcare And Transport Services Group (HATS) has been leading the way when it comes to providing essential transport within communities across the UK. What was once a car based Private Hire and Courier has grown into an incredible logistics resource. We take a look at how their growth has brought them such success in the UK Transport Awards 2022. SME News Q4 2022/ News ensure that we were able to be here for our clients right the way through the pandemic,” says Mark. “Since the lockdowns have ended, we have seen significant growth and that doesn't seem to be showing any signs of slowing down. Our turnover has more than doubled year on year for the last four years.” One of the positive side effects of the Covid-19 pandemic is that people have become more tech-savvy and more businesses have turned to focus on their online presence. Many people are now having to work from home and communicate more via things like Zoom. Mark elaborates on how this move to a more digital age has benefitted Togo enormously. “We have seen a surge in online bookings vs phone bookings. They have gone from around 50% online up to around 80%. People now prefer to book online than use any other means. They are also happy to pay a deposit or leave card security when they book. Which means less no-shows and cancellations. “We have also seen pubs now even taking bookings for tables, not just restaurants, and now that people have had the ability to book their table and know they have it for a couple of hours they seem to want to be able to do that and continue to do that. It was a facility that was previously used mainly only in VIP areas of clubs but now it’s becoming more mainstream,” Mark adds. It’s not all about having a great product – Mark is quick to praise the dedication and commitment of the hardworking team behind the scenes at Togo. “Most of our top team are not from within the industry but they are great people that care about the work they do, and they genuinely have a desire to be the best,” he explains. “We believe that for a lot of roles you can train anyone as long as they have a great work ethic, honesty and integrity and we recruit on this basis. Obviously, all of our designers and developers came to us with a great amount of technical knowledge and creative flair in addition to the personal qualities we needed.” Recently, Togo was rewarded for its diligence to the industry by being bestowed with the coveted title of Best Hospitality Booking Systems & Marketing Agency – Yorkshire in the SME News Northern Enterprise Awards 2021. Now, Togo is “launching our consumer app very soon which will be an additional marketing tool for our clients, and we are looking to continue to expand our Spacebook product into more markets,” says Mark excitedly. “We have also recently finished a huge 18-month project for a key global client, so when we have got our breath back, we will be looking for another big corporate project to start that runs alongside our websites and booking engines. Contact: Mark Hayhurst Company: The Only Way Togo Limited Web Address: www.togo.uk.net Photo Caption SME News Q4 2022/ News Best Hospitality Booking Systems & Marketing Agency - Yorkshire Following 18 months of lockdowns due to the Covid-19 pandemic, more of us have seen the benefits of digital technology than ever before. The Only Way Togo is living proof that taking things online can have faster, more efficient and more effective results than traditional methods. We speak to Managing Director Mark Hayhurst about the companies innovative offerings and how it is helping to transform the hospitality industry. The main core of hospitality specialist The Only Way Togo’s business is Togo – the online booking system and marketing suite designed to make life easier. It’s offerings are wide and varied, with the aim of simplifying the hospitality sectors management solutions and creating one system to rule them all. The Togo engine is provided to restaurants, pubs and hotels, although the innovative system can also sell vouchers, take pre-payments and pre-orders, and help with marketing via email, text and WhatsApp. Then there’s the recent addition - a new booking engine called Spacebook which takes bookings for co mercial space and deals, with appointment making features for artists, stylists and therapists. Finally, a web and app developm nt arm nd we can build anything from a small website for an SME through to a complex app for a large global corporate. Mark Hayhurst is the Managing Director of The Only Way Togo, and he tells us more about what the firm can offer its customers. “We build beautiful high conversion websites that work perfectly on all devices,” he begins. “Our websites are fully responsive, so they look and function perfectly on all devices. Google prioritises sites that work well on mobile devices, so you'll be found easier on searches.” But that is not all, one of Togo’s unique selling points is the fact that it can tightly integrate all kinds of systems into a customer’s website in order to give their customers a seamless experience. These websit s also pair perfectly with he Togo and Spacebook booking sys ems t o. “We take a solid brief so that nothing is left to guess ork,” Mark elaborates. “Your vision and our knowledge of the web make for creations that feel and look right the first time around. If you need a website as soon as possible, our team are ready to work with you to make that happen. No compromises to quality are made; we can work around the clock to get you the results you need.” Then there’s the marketing side of the business, so once a customer has had the website of their dreams built to perfectly reflect their business’s goals and objectives, plus to appeal to its target audience, Togo can set about promoting the brand and the site to gain maximum exposure for the best results vail ble. “We off r a more bespoke service than our competitors,” says Mark, speaking of the key differen iating factors which distinguish Togo from its competitors. “Instead of trying to shoehorn them into our products we try to mould our solutions to fit the needs of their business.” Togo’s marketing features are very easy, very affordable and very effective,” states Mark. “They encourage people to think outside the box and do things slightly differently.” E-shots are an obvious offering that is easily implementable and highly effective. When customers book with a company via the Togo system, it will offer for them to join that company’s mailing list. With just a few clicks, the company is then able to send email correspondence to customers who have booked previously. “Togo has a powerful email designer built-in, meaning you can design an eyecatching email within minutes. You can even quickly send customers your new menu or promotion,” says Mark. Vouchers, sent with the simple touch of a button, are another benefit. Not only are they a great way to bring in additional revenue around holidays and special occasions, but they are perfect for bringing in new customers, too. Vouchers can be sent automatically by Togo’s system and can be redeemed with the simple scan of a QR code. Promotional codes and online discounts can give previous customers an incentive to return and therefore maximise business. Promo codes can be shared via a mailshot, social media or even printed on the top of a business’s receipts to give a good reason for customers to come back soon. Finally, events ran at a venue can be bookable in the Togo system - keeping track of them alongside regular bookings to organise everything in one easily accessible space. “Togo can even handle the payments and deposits, meaning events can be paid for upfront. Events could be anything from a comedy night to a special menu,” Mark tells us. Being based in Halifax, West Yorkshire, has enabled Togo to gain a really strong foothold in the north and therefore it is able to give a much more personal level of service than if it had offices in London, for example. The company benefits from having clients throughout the UK due to some great referrals, as well as a large contract with a pub company, however its proactive sales approach is still focused heavily on the north, with clients ranging in size from small cafes to one of the world’s largest beer brewers. It’s no surprise that the hospitality industry was perhaps the hardest hit sector last year when the Covid-19 pandemic struck, with people being forced to stay at home and companies having to close their doors. The last 12 months have certainly been a struggle for a lot of businesses within the food and beverage world as they attempt to recover lost revenues and get their operations running smoothly once again. “Thankfully we were stable enough to " Togo has a powerful email designer built-in, meaning you can design an eye-catching email within minutes. You can even quickly send customers your new menu or promotion " Company name or Company logo Award title Have been named within the (Campaign name) This is to certify that: Awarded (Month Year) CERTIFICATE AWARD Jane Henderson AI Global Media Ltd J Henderson