Best of British Getaways 2023

SME News- Best of British Getaways 2023 | 10 Best Motorhome Repair Centre - North West England With more than 75 years of combined experience operating within the caravaning industry, Lancashire’s Leisure Medics UK Ltd is an independent, family-owned and operated caravan repair company that effectively utilises its resources to carry out the necessary service or repairs to get a client’s vehicle up and running to the best of its ability. Primarily, those served by the company are touring caravan or motorhome owners in the North that seek warranty-supported services and repairs to their dream vehicles to ensure that many happy times can continue to be enjoyed across the country or even the world. Cristinia Lowther tells us more about the company and its distinction within the sector. Approved by leading manufacturers in the sector, such as Swift, Erwyn Hunter Group, Coachman, and Auto-Trail, as well as being the only approved repair and service centre for Hunter Nature Karavans across the UK, Leisure Medics is a company that uses both its purpose-built workshop and a mobile repair workshop to carry out maintenance and repairs for its customers at a time and place that suits them. Across its plethora of services, first-class work is undertaken at competitive prices on all makes and models of touring caravans, campervans, motorhomes, and trailers, done so by an experienced and knowledgeable team who excel in tinkering with vintage offerings through to brand-new, top-of-the-line flagships. Repairs and maintenance services on offer include damp diagnostics and treatment, internal/external cladding, appliance repairs (including gas), fittings and furnishings, chassis inspection, window/roof assessment and repair, accessory and upgrade fitting, as well as servicing and any other general repairs and refurbishments. Bolstered by Leisure Medics’ status as a member of the National Caravan Council Approved Workshop Scheme, all of the above work can be carried out without impacting a customer’s warranty, a fantastic bonus on top of what is already a frankly unparalleled collection of quality offerings across the motorhome space. Five key values serve to underpin the sustained excellence established by Leisure Medics, and it is the strict adherence to these positive traits that have enabled the team to carve out a niche for themselves and foster such an enviable reputation. The first of these values champions knowledge, something carried out by continuous training and approval from manufacturers in order to deliver the highquality service that customers have come to expect. Second is a commitment to a servicehearted approach, with the team remaining steadfast in solving all challenges that may arise in addition to carrying out an in-depth annual service. Remaining “passionate with a great attitude” is the third such value, and as Cristina explains, “we maintain an optimistic outlook by turning challenges into opportunities. We are motivated, driven, and passionate for success.” Fourth is the strive for excellence, with this ongoing commitment empowering everyone at Leisure Medics to push themselves to be the best that they can be, from service and repair through to customer interactions. Finally, integrity is something that is at the very heart of the business, with Cristina emphasising the importance of, “being honest and having a strong moral principle, being reliable and trustworthy, and taking responsibility and accountability for actions [both] good and bad.” Across England’s Northwest at present, the Eden Project Morecambe is making headlines, with this project set to turn the area into a tourist destination with a keen focus on education, environment, and the local community. Since the area of this development is located just a stone’s throw from the company workshop, Cristina notes, “we are noticing there are a lot more tourists visiting the area in their motorhomes and caravans, parking on the promenade and [visiting] local sites.” This will be incredibly good for business in the long run and serves to reinforce the best thing about British getaways in general, which is local areas being afforded opportunities to grow and local economies provided the means to thrive. 2024 is set to be a big year for Leisure Medics, with the team celebrating their recent move to a bigger workshop that will allow for an increase in not only the number of projects that can be taken on, but also the size and complexity of said projects. Furthermore, the company will soon become a dealer for Ukraine’s LifeStyle Campers, a micro, off-road caravan that is sure to get those in the community talking. Ultimately, getting the community talking is something that Leisure Medics UK Ltd has done already, simply by providing an unrivalled calibre of service. Contact Details Contact: Cristina Lowther Company: Leisure Medics UK Ltd Web Address: