Best of British Getaways 2023

In the fast-paced world of tour operating, Mantra Holidays in Harrow has distinguished itself by placing customers at the centre of everything that it does, operating with an unparalleled sense of integrity and transparency. The commitment the company has to its customers is present across every aspect of its services, whether this be itinerary planning or the experiences one undertakes while travelling. Trust has proven to be the decisive factor in the business’ establishing of a loyal, satisfied client base, and the team have succeeded in forging several long-lasting relationships with clients and other industry professionals alike. Embracing developments and innovation within its sector is key for any emerging business, and this is something continuously done by Mantra Holidays, as Rajesh explains. “Our team is dedicated to adopting new technologies and creative solutions, ensuring our offerings remain fresh and exciting.” This extends also to the elements of cultural and environmental responsibility, as sustainably is prioritised in order to respect and preserve the cultures and environments explored by its clients. For Rajesh, “sustainability is not just a goal; it’s an integral part of our business ethos.” Constantly evolving to remain up to speed with an ever-changing travel landscape, tours offered by Mantra Holidays remain inclusive and affordable. The comprehensive package that is available covers everything, from accommodation to transportation and guided tours. Omnipresent throughout an experience are knowledgeable, passionate tour managers, with these travel enthusiasts dedicated to providing each member of a group with an enjoyable, memorable experience. This group dynamic serves as another significant aspect of the company’s tours, as a unique sense of camaraderie is fostered, thus opening up avenues for new connections, experiences, and friendships. Within the British getaway landscape specifically, a range of experiences are available catering to an array of preferences, thus making it the ideal choice for travellers seeking everything from relaxation to adventure and rich history. Not only does Britain possess some of the richest cultural heritage in the world, but it is also situated in a highly accessible location, firmly in the centre of the world map. A series of charming accommodation is also available, taking the form of cottages, inns, fancy hotels, caravans, and everything in between. As Rajesh explains, “we […] involve packages that highlight the unique features of British getaways ranging from holiday packages from one day to several days.” Not only is Mantra Holidays impressive on the outside, bolstered by exceptional customer service and fantastic tours, the internal culture it has nurtured serves to further distinguish it. The collaboration and team spirit present ensures adaptability, diversity, and professional growth is all achieved, along with the work-life balance necessary to promote effective well-being and create happy employees. When recruiting new team members, a steadfast passion for travel is championed, as is effective communication and a good understanding of cultural sensitivity. For 2024, the firm’s overarching vision is to further strengthen its portfolio and enhance the travel experiences that it already offers, something set to be achieved through the expanding of the destinations that it operates in, the continuous leveraging of cutting-edge technological solutions, doubling down on sustainable efforts, and enhancing the skills of its employees. Rajesh summaries, “as we navigate the evolving landscape of the travel industry, we look forward to creating lasting memories for our customers and contributing positively to the world.” Bolstered by a seamless digital experience that allows customers to effectively plan and book their trips, Mantra Holidays has proven itself as one of the UK’s best emerging travel operators, a business with a truly unique identity and an unwavering commitment to offering exceptional travel experiences. Those looking for a tour with a difference should certainly seek the company out for their next break and join hundreds of beaming individuals whose fantastic experiences are accurately reflected in an array of positive online testimonials. Contact Details Contact: Rajesh Shetty Company: Mantra Holidays Web Address: Emerging travel and tour agency Mantra Holidays possesses an unbridled dedication to offering exceptional travel experiences for its clients in its native Britain and all over the world. Established in 2021, the business has quickly become synonymous with the high-quality and the memorable, inspiring and providing the means that enable its clients to bask in its unique, hassle-free travel experiences. Facilitating the exploring of new cultures and creating lasting memories for every traveller underpins this commitment, something reinforced by the company’s 4.7/5 Trustpilot rating. We have the pleasure of catching up with Mantra’s Rajesh Shetty, who provides further insight into the business, what sets it apart, and how it plans to expand in the near future. Best Emerging Tour Operator - Southern England