Best of British Getaways 2023

SME News- Best of British Getaways 2023 | 4 Spa Resort of the Year - Perthshire Situated on the banks of Loch Tay and nestled within the stunning landscapes of the Scottish Highlands, Taymouth Marina is an award-winning independent wellness spa resort with plenty of comfortable, stylish accommodation options. It is the ideal destination for anyone seeking the opportunity to escape their busy daily lives and experience a mix of relaxation and exhilaration through wellbeing and adventure. Located in the central highlands of Scotland, Loch Tay is the sixth largest and one of the deepest freshwater lochs in the country, widely renowned for its breath-taking appearance and idyllic setting. Only a short drive away from all major Scottish cities and airports, Taymouth Marina is situated on the loch’s picturesque banks, which serve as a gorgeous backdrop for the spa and wellness resort. With a strong focus on embracing nature, Taymouth Marina strives to provide its guests with a number of unique ways to experience Loch Tay and its surrounding mountains. For example, they can indulge in the HotBox Hydrotherapy Spa’s invigorating offerings, which include a hot tub, sauna, steam room, and a slide that plunges into the loch. Guests can also embark on an adventure at the water-sports activity centre and enjoy a seasonal menu at the Ferryman’s Inn restaurant, all whilst staying within a water-based Houseboat or one of the other bespoke accommodation options with panoramic views of the highlands. Since its establishment, Taymouth Marina has been working towards its goal of becoming a leading independent resort business within the UK. To achieve this, it has focused on providing a high standard of service by building a team of individuals who are positive, driven, and customer oriented. Alongside this, Taymouth Marina has worked to stand out from its competitors by creating genuinely memorable experiences that rival those delivered by the most popular global destinations. With a clear market and demographic, Taymouth Marina continues to expand based on this vision, leveraging its various unique selling points to reach travellers who appreciate nature and love to embrace new experiences. From being one of the best places in the UK to see the Northern Lights to having a plethora of history and culture on its doorstep, the resort attracts visitors from far and wide for many reasons. Furthermore, due to the nature of its physical location and the variety of its offerings, Taymouth Marina targets day guests and residents alike, broadening its demographics. In recent years, Taymouth Marina has seen an increase in the number of advance bookings and accommodation reservations, with most people’s travel planning habits returning to normal in the post-pandemic world. The resort has also seen a larger number of international clients walk through its doors, with a focus on short stays and escapism. With more bookings than ever, Taymouth Marina has greeted a multitude of guests in the past month, many of whom have decided to review their experience on platforms like TripAdvisor. For example, one satisfied visitor shares, “Fantastic accommodation with stunning views of the loch. HotBox spa experience was amazing, and Ferryman’s restaurant food was delicious. With very cute and cosy surroundings, the place really has a lot to offer. We stayed in January and the cold plunge into the loch was refreshing to say the least!” For its continued excellence in all areas, Taymouth Marina has been named Spa Resort of the Year, Perthshire, in the Best of British Getaways Awards 2023. Recently, the resort has been working tirelessly on a few projects that are due to launch soon, including plans for spa expansion, a large building development, and additions to its activities centre. With an exciting year ahead, Taymouth Marina looks towards a bright future, and we look forward to seeing how its plans will unfold. Those interested are encouraged to follow the resort on social media or sign up to its mailing list to be notified when details are released. Contact: Stacey Ives Company: Taymouth Marina Ltd Web Address: