Best of British Getaways 2023

Finding the perfect way to explore the ocean and its beauty can be a difficult task. Every part of the ocean can be a challenge, but some more than others. No matter where you’re wishing to go, Wavysail has the expertise necessary to turn your dreams into a reality. Andrew Cowen and Dave (Wavy) Immelman’s own passion for ocean adventure sparked an idea to create Wavysail, and they haven’t looked back. Here we take a closer look as Wavysail wins two esteemed titles in the Best of British Getaways 2023 from SME News. Best Adventure Sailing Experience Company – UK & Best of British Getaways': Adventure Tourism Social Inclusion Champions of the Year “Wavysail. Live it.” If you’ve ever longed for the cool breeze and sea foam enveloping you as you travel the world by its glittering waters, Wavysail is the place to go to satiate every element of your ocean exploration desires. . Andrew Cowen started out with a senior corporate job in business and marketing, while Dave Immelman is a highly experienced, professional skipper. When Andrew and Dave met on a long distance ocean race, in 2019, they got talking about the future of Ocean adventure sailing and how lots of people would want to experience life at sea. Wavysail was born. The co-founders’ shared vision is to take small groups of adventurous people on hands-on ocean adventures, led by the world’s most experienced sailors. Wavysail is open to everyone with a passion for exploration, no matter their needs or skillset – indeed, a special factor for Wavysail is their Open Oceans Fund, which provides fully funded places for those without the means or confidence to otherwise join a trip. This fund means that 20% of Wavysail place, one place on each trip is an Open Oceans place. It was Andrew’s commercial experience in blue chip FMCG business operations, teamed with Dave’s extensive experience as a sailor, which gave Wavysail life. Wavysail bears the fruits of their dedicated labour, and, together, the two experts are reshaping what it means to experience the wonderous waters across the globe. Wavysail ensures that no more than six guests take part in a trip at any time, so that everyone can have the best experience possible. Presenting golden, tailored opportunities for guests to enjoy hands-on sailing for the duration of their expedition, Wavysail’s skippers cultivate an environment where everyone feels safe and involved. With their experience and commitment to sharing the beauty of the ocean, every Wavysail skipper brings a rich background which makes their trips a truly unique and remarkable adventure. You might find yourself sailing with the world sailing speed record holder, the first female to win an around the world yacht race or an entrant to the Golden Globe Sailing Race. Wavysail’s years of diverse combined experience guarantees collaborative brilliance. Wavysail works in close partnership with the places they visit. The company travels to a variety of locations – always with a passion for sharing those exceptional adventures with whoever wishes to take part. Fully supporting all abilities, confidence levels, and financial statuses, Wavysail’s adventures are “open to anyone with a passion for exploration.” Whether you’re looking for “Relaxing, Stretching, or Epic” trips, Wavysail delivers life-changing adventures. Not only is the company a proud supporter of individual needs, but Wavysail strives to preserve the planet. As the first commercial sailing operator to measure and openly publish a CO2 footprint for all of its trips, and a responsible operator of ocean adventures, Wavysail stays open, honest, and devoted to minimising its impact on the environment. Doing all it can to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels and supporting local communities when buying and serving food throughout its trips, Wavysail’s reputation for its steadfast approach to environmental and social responsibility demonstrates just how much the company cares. Leveraging years of experience, Wavysail’s adventure sailing helps others to learn to sail with an expert guide, discover their true passion for the lifestyle, and flourish – no matter how little they already know about sailing. From sailing holidays in the UK to expeditions around Africa, Europe, and beautiful trips to St Helena Island – the first expedition of Wavysail, just after the pandemic – there’s something of interest for everyone. Wavysail has been growing organically since its inception five years ago. Now, the company is planning one of the most exciting trips out there – the Northwest Passage – truly the Everest of sailing, which will be run on a purpose built, ultra-low environmental impact expedition yacht. Bestowed with two titles in this year’s Best of British Getaways, Wavysail has once again proven itself as the ocean exploration business to contact for those unforgettable trips. Not only because of its sailing holidays, but because of its earnest care for its customers and the world around us. We can’t wait to see what comes next for Wavysail. Contact: Andrew Cowen Company: Wavysail Web Address: Wavysail