Best of British Getaways 2022

8 | Best of British Getaways Awards 2022 Dalby House is located in the midst of the newest Dark Sky Reserve in England, and its specific area is the darkest place recorded in the reserve. Consequently, High Dalby House offers dark sky experiences and has a star viewing dome and telescope available for those interested in exploring the magnificent night sky. For those who enjoy an adventure, High Dalby House is conveniently situated near several popular tourist attractions and villages. After the turbulence of the Covid-19 pandemic, retreats like High Dalby House have grown in importance. There is a need for calmness, peace, and quiet. People have spent over two years being bombarded with negative news – not only due to Covid-19, but also thanks to political instability and the worsening climate crisis. Anxiety, stress, and depression are on the rise, and places such as High Dalby House can help. They provide a place to shake off the pressure of modern life whilst reconnecting with nature, the inner self, or a higher power. Ian explains, ‘we are seeing a trend towards taking time to slow down and be with and in Tucked away in the sprawling nature of the Dalby Forest, High Dalby House provides a space to escape from the hustle and bustle of the modern world. Spirituality is practiced within the fundamental structure of the accommodation – from its design to how it operates – which is why High Dalby House welcomes everyone, no matter what their background may be. The 1600s were many years ago – but for High Dalby House, the 17th century marks the beginning of its story. Starting life as a single-roomed farmhouse, the property came into the possession of the Boddy family who farmed the land for over 250 years. During this time, the house began its evolution. Passing through numerous hands, High Dalby House had various incarnations, being used as holiday accommodation, a base for the Forestry Commission’s senior officers, and as a country house. In March 2018, Ian and Linda Robinson purchased the property, and have since undertaken the task of improving the home and the surrounding land, for which they have fulfilled numerous landscaping and conversion projects. The couple have restored much of High Dalby House and its grounds, transforming it into a peaceful, spiritually rejuvenating retreat. It is now a space for reflection – a place to escape to – in a busy and everchanging world. As such, no matter who you are, or what your background may be, there is a place for you at High Dalby House. Providing a base for both ‘holidays and holydays,’ High Dalby House is a proud member of The Retreat Association and The Quiet Garden movement, emphasising the focus upon providing a place to be truly free. Of course, this is what makes High Dalby House unique; spirituality is at the epicentre of the business. There are many places on site to reflect, meditate, or pray, including the comfortable and quite chapel, the Quiet Garden, the Unique Labyrinth, and the forest. Moreover, as members of the Anglican clergy, Ian and Linda are around to provide a listening ear. Nestled at the heart of the Dalby Forest in the North York Moors National Park, there is no better place to reconnect with your spiritual side. High Best Luxury B&B - North Yorkshire Jun22280 nature but also to have special experiences to enhance and extend the sense of time. There is an increase in short breaks with people seeking something special to take them out of the everyday and experience something new. People are particularly visiting our area to enjoy the peace and quiet, being surrounded by beautiful countryside with the benefit of both forest, moorland, and coast within easy reach.’ High Dalby House is continuing to develop and is currently focused on one area of the grounds, for which it plans to develop more locations to sit, reflect, recuperate, and re-envision life. The current plans include a zen garden, an elevated tea house, and wild flower meadow and wilderness, which will all developed around the theme of a triquetra. In addition, High Dalby House hopes to introduce several secluded outdoor rooms with purpose prepared seating. Contact: Ian Robinson Company: High Dalby House Web Address: