British Made Awards 2021

10 | British Made Awards 2021 Oct21491 Best DIY Custom Foam Product 2021 Being a customer-focused company with an exemplary product unlike any other, Shadow Foam Ltd has made itself the darling of professionals and DIY-ers alike with its customisable foam storage solutions. Having grown a strong and loyal customer base through its vibrant online presence and friendly marketing strategies, it prioritises showcasing its products in a way that displays its cost-effectiveness and durability, but also in a way that makes it personally relevant to its customers. Through this, it has been able to grow in a sustainable and healthy way that shows no signs of stopping. Shadow Foam, ‘the ultimate customisable foam’ product, allows customers to find a new and innovative way to organise and pack their toolboxes with custom foam inserts that safeguard all their tools. They sell custom-made foam inserts which fit most major toolbox brands in its online store, as well as many other size variations, kits, and extras. It prides itself in delivering great customer service with free UK shipping plus delivery options for all around the world. Fundamentally, this company has grown in notoriety and renown since its beginnings in 2012. Being an independently owned business managed by a small, friendly team, every year has taught it something new that it could then learn and grow from in order to make itself more efficient and more focused on the clients it serves. Moreover, its staff are each passionate about their customers. With their past roles having been in engineering and other such sectors, they are able to use their backgrounds and experience to continually develop and create the products that they know their customers are looking for. Initially, Shadow Foam was created as a strategy for tool control only; ‘shadow boards’ have been used across a multitude of engineering and aviation applications for many years. So it identified the potential for a new kind of tool storage that would make life much easier for its professionals, home improvers and the like. Therefore, it developed a durable and customisable grade of foam. Following years of research and product development it came up with the perfect foam solution for it’s market. This robust product is now tried, tested, cost effective, and loved by many. Suitable for all tool control – as well as in a variety of other applications – the product has certainly taken an exciting turn for Shadow Foam, expanding its customer base out from DIY-ers, engineers and trades to anyone who wishes to get organised in an outstandingly effective new way. Although it’s still integral in terms of supply to the aviation and engineering markets, it has also garnered attention from areas as diverse as gamers, sewing professionals, fishermen, gun enthusiasts, collectors, motorhome owners, barbers, and beauty therapists, each of whom have highly expensive or delicate equipment that requires good storage. It has even been used during the Olympics. Indeed, the GB Cycling team’s engineers used Shadow Foam at the games, and it is a regular visitor to Formula 1 races, among many other motorised sports. Coming in a wide range of colours, shapes, and sizes, and with both off-the-shelf and custom sizes available, Shadow Foam ensures that the only limit to their products potential is the client’s imagination. No matter the challenge or the task at hand, it takes pride in being able to rise to meet it with the best customisable foam. Clients find it incredibly easy to work with, and are able to cut it simply and efficiently in order to house all manner of tools and equipment. Furthermore, due to the unique and customisable nature of it, Shadow Foam is proud to find itself fundamentally at the top of its game, with very few competitors able to compete with a foam that has these inherent durability, customisation and user-friendly properties. Its cost effectiveness and customer service are also incredibly hard to rival. Both of these elements have become something that Shadow Foam is renowned for all over the world. If there are competitors out there, it tends to be less customer friendly products like cheaper and shorter-lived pick and pluck style foams or less flexible storage tray inlays, neither of which hold a candle to the amount of freedom and budget-sense Shadow Foam offers. Therefore, the cornerstone aim for Shadow Foam has always been to maintain this exemplary standard across each and every one of its products; supplying the brilliant foam inlays that its customers have come to expect across the board. It’s biggest mission being to continue with the supply of their unique high-standard foam and expanding it’s already wide range of ready made foam inserts. This offering of pre-cut foam pieces ensures that its products are as accessible as possible. Something that its customers have come to love and respect about the products is that it is dedicated to maintaining the good reputation it has cultivated amongst its market segment by consistently showing them just how much it values both their business and the innovative things they use the product for. It’s used in imaginative ways both professionally and at home, and the company know this since users love to share their creations with the Shadow Foam team and they in turn love to see what their product is being used for. Shadow Foam take pride in using UK suppliers wherever possible, indeed opting for local supply where practicable, This allows it to build strong connections with local businesses and in the local infrastructure. These good relationships are key to the operation of the business and cements their ability to secure great relationships with suppliers. It has made itself a pivotal partner to their own enterprises, able to cultivate a strong