British Made Awards 2021

14 | British Made Awards 2021 English Acoustics’ flagship product, the Stereo 21c is a modern day classic inspired by its peoples’ favourite vintage amplifiers. With its contemporary design cues and safety devices fitted throughout, users can enjoy the warm sound it produces whilst feeling assured that any potential risk has been considered and minimised. Customers can have the Stereo 21c hand-built in any colour they wish – the limit is only to their imagination. The company also offers restorations for Leak valve amplifiers that have seen better Established in 2018, English Acoustics manufactures high-end valve amplifiers for use in personal and professional HiFi systems, with all its products being designed and built in the UK using as many UK-sourced components as physically possible. The company’s most notable client to date is Jack White from The White Stripes who purchased a custom metallic yellow amplifier for his new shop in Soho, Thirdman Records London. Nestled in the heart of the West Country, English Acoustics is an innovative company born out of love for classic design and modern technology, alongside its people not being the only ones who have an appreciation for high-end valve amplifiers and superior sound quality. These products are manufactured for professional musicians and private individuals with high-end HiFi manufactured goods such as speakers, DACs, pre-amplifiers, and others. English Acoustics’ passion for quality Hi-Fi systems comes with a core belief that UK manufacturing has a lot to offer to the world, and it strives to support British manufacturing as much as it can. See, the vast majority of HiFi equipment is now built in the far east with no eye for detail or reliability, and only for profits which means they are built as cheaply as possible. By contrast, English Acoustics’ products are very expensive to produce because of the work and effort that is put in, not to mention that everything is built right in the company’s home of Wiltshire. Being a very small company with a handful of directors and two employees, English Acoustics has a very relaxed atmosphere, aware that rushing people whilst building something as labour-intensive as amplifiers can lead to errors which then take longer to diagnose and fix. Therefore, it is highly important that the time and space is provided to make sure all products are built to an exceptionally high standard. True craftmanship goes into the building of each English Acoustics product; with over 50 years’ combined experience in design engineering and valve studio design, its people’s fascination with sound has been further developed by skills in CAD and auto painting industries. Add to this a sprinkle of graphic design and photography and the result is phenomenal bespoke British-made amplifiers. Best British HiFi Manufacturer 2021 Sep21296 days. Whether newly acquired or a family heirloom, English Acoustics offers full, bare- metal restorations for all Leak valve amplifiers, replacing all the components and sandblasting the whole chassis and transformer endcaps back to bare metal. Following this, the original metal welds are seam welded and ground smooth. Lastly, the chassis is finished in an automotive grade metallic paint by the company’s own professional painters and polishers. Even the decals are replaced to match the original ones, and this, like the paint, can be finished in any colour the customer desires. Like many other businesses, times have been interesting for English Acoustics since the pandemic began in March 2020. The company has experienced supply chain issues for certain components it uses to build its products, but it has been managing to work around this. Meanwhile, the lack of shows and demonstrations have been difficult for the industry, however, the company found that due to people spending more time at home, they wanted entertainment, and this therefore comes from its products, presenting a silver lining and meaning an increase in product sales. Looking ahead towards the rest of 2021 and beyond, English Acoustics is excited to be releasing a larger variant alongside its Stereo 21c, due for pre-order at the end of December. It also has the Mayfair Audio Rooms located on 104 Park Street, London, which will be running until the start of next year, the place to listen to the company’s products in a very relaxing, high- end setting. Company: English Acoustics Contact: Jordan Jackson Email: Website: