British Made Awards 2021

15 | British Made Awards 2021 Royal Oak Health truly boasts a name to be proud of. Honoured by the chance to use the title of ‘Royal’ within its business’s moniker, it was granted this by the Lord Chamberlain and used this grant as a springboard towards greater success as it promotes its own food supplement brand to young people, having honed its sales and distribution skills by bringing British food supplement brands to many different corners of the world for over two decades. Founded at the turn of the century in 1999 and for the majority of the time that it has been in business, it has been making a name for itself by marketing British food supplement companies to wider Europe and the far East, including British and Asian markets. Fundamentally, this has allowed Royal Oak Health to glean an in-depth and comprehensive knowledge of the food supplements market, enough to eventually commit to the creation, development, and production of its own brand of food supplements that were launched a few years ago. This, since its beginnings, was always the goal for Royal Oak Health. Now, it is proud to say that its Royal Oak Health food supplement products carrying the prestige of its name are available for purchase both in person and online, with a brick-and-mortar store in central London making up the flagship location. It is also available through its intuitive and easy-to-use e-commerce platform, committed to keeping this online aspect as an ongoing element of its business model even as it recognises that the majority of its market will likely go back to physical sales. Indeed, it is instead optimistic about the sustainability of the hybrid model it currently has in place. In addition to all of this, it has been working hard to make it stand out amongst this market segment with both the quality of its products and the quality of its marketing. Essentially, Royal Oak Health recognises that in order to reach the correct market segment, outreach is absolutely pivotal; in this manner, it seeks to always put its best foot forward when promoting itself and its products to its prospective clientele. With outstanding new products, targeted and effective marketing campaigns, and a drive for oversight, due diligence, and customer satisfaction, Royal Oak Health has found the key to its own success. It has thusly gotten to know the customer base it serves extremely well. It is aware that food supplements largely serve a mature market, and that as a new brand it is going up against some very well-established and long-lasting health supplement brands who have been focusing on the middle-aged and elderly market for decades. Therefore, it has spied a niche in the market that it can step in to fill, creating food supplements that are marketed towards a younger generation of customer. Specifically, Royal Oak Health works hard to reach out to university students and office workers – those with busy, fast paced lives where ensuring they get the correct nutrients can be a challenge – and show them that food supplements aren’t just for more senior people. Having received very positive feedback thus far from its marketing, it sources and produces its products within the UK in order to maintain its position as a provider of entirely unique, top-quality, and British made food supplements. Whilst its ingredients are from all over the world, it gives priority to those that are home-grown, and has secured its place at the forefront of the growing food supplement trend in the wider world, excited to see where this growth in the market takes it as a business as it moves towards the future. Additionally, it knows that with health being such a large global concern right now, more people are turning to attending to their own wellbeing better. Royal Oak Health wishes to step up to the plate for these people, keeping its ingredients high quality and explaining the benefits of its products in a way that is down-to-earth and unexaggerated. Too often, it has seen its competitors promise too much from a supplement, and so it bucks this trend by keeping all communications with its clients perfectly honest. Although it is a relatively small business, it is diverse, flexible, and backed by good principles, looking forward to yet more expansion through both physical stores and its online footprint. Company: Royal Oak Health Ltd Address: 4, Glentworth Street, London NW1 5PG Contact: Martin Zahra Tel: 020 7258 9880. Email: Website: Sep21422 Best Food Supplements Manufacturer 2021