British Made Awards 2021

16 | British Made Awards 2021 The future for the Mixtio team seems bright indeed, keeping the principles of manufacturing and packing alive within British borders. They have recently moved into a new site, offering them an extra 61,000sq ft of warehouse space and 16,000sq ft of chilled space, located just two miles from the M6 and five miles from the M5. It’s the ideal place from which to access any corner of the UK. When looking at Mixtio, it’s clear that it’s the perfect example of a business that is always looking forward. Their business is built around innovating on behalf of their customers. Their success is to be celebrated, as they push forward and continue to offer the UK’s leading enterprises the vital support that they need to thrive. Company: Mixtio Labs Ltd Email: Web Address: Sometimes, you need a partner to help you on your way when it comes to manufacturing and packing. Having looked at the market, Mixtio has been designed to act as the perfect partner for business. We dig a little deeper into the firm’s remarkable success, following its enviable triumph in the SME News’ British Made Awards. Based in the West Midlands, the team at Mixtio are always looking to innovate on what the market already offers. With a comprehensive list of services on hand, it’s little wonder that the team have proven capable of offering an impressive turnkey solution that has assisted businesses of all shapes and sizes. Those who have worked with Mixtio have found a team capable of performing manufacturing, co-packing and white-label manufacturing for start-ups and SMEs across the country. Industry leaders have long shown little interest in supporting these businesses, and so the mission of Mixtio is to support any company, no matter what the size. With ISO 9001 accreditation, and moves to achieve BRC and ISO14001 accreditations in the coming months, customers can be certain of the ultimate in quality when they turn to Mixtio. Creating an environment where any order size can be met, even if new equipment must be acquired to meet the client’s demands, is not easy, but it has been key to achieving success for Mixtio. Their innovative mindset has enabled them to continuously provide a service that satisfies their customers. The Mixtio endgame is to offer a comprehensive co-packing service across multiple sectors, as opposed to the one which many focus on. The Mixtio team live and breath innovation, looking at what everyone else is doing and striving to create something that is not only new, but better. So many organisations are stuck in the past and Mixtio has thrived by pushing the boundaries of how they would operate. Every employee has something to contribute and a Best Emerging Contract Packing & Manufacturing Company 2021 unique perspective, so all staff are invited to share ideas that will reinforce the creative culture at the heart of Mixtio. While the team has done their best to provide an affordable service for SMEs, there are many outside challenges that have made things more difficult. After the confusion of Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic, the recent driver shortages is the latest problem which must be overcome. There has been a significant spike in cost prices surrounding the work that Mixtio do as a result. Like any problem that must be overcome, however, the team have thrown resources at a sustainable solution. A group of companies, with impressive reputations, have been employed to take the strain. By not relying on a singular provider, the least impact can be felt by customers. Similarly, this decision has minimised the risk of cost increases for clients a great deal. With so many challenges to the supply chain currently, Mixtio has committed to maintaining its links with as little disruption as possible. Sep21423