British Made Awards 2021

17 | British Made Awards 2021 When something is handmade, it comes from the heart. No one understands this better than Lorraine Hyslop, the driving force behind Bo-peep Handmade. With a passion that is unparalleled, she has achieved incredible success in the British Made Awards 2021. We take a closer look to find out more. For thirty years, Lorraine Hyslop had been making handmade gifts for friends and family. They quickly became much loved addition to the family, and Lorraine began to think about how she could spread her wings and sell her products to more and more families around the world. The result has been the remarkable business that is Bo-peep Handmade. Created in 2012, Lorraine has built a brand based on beautiful luxury yarns. Deftly weaving together cashmere, merino and silk, her products are thoroughly unique while maintaining the highest standards. Since first beginning to offer its products, Bo-peep Handmade has proudly offered a gift-oriented collection of items that is truly exemplary. Many people believe that a gift should be personal, delighting because of its unique nature and because of their handmade nature, no two products from Lorraine are ever identical. With homemade items at the heart of the business, Bo-peep Handmade offers a wide range of different products, including pillows,decorations, and various charming characters to name but a few. For Lorraine, the range is always changing to suit her preferences and always adapting to incorporate bold new ideas. For that reason, she and her business have been able to thrive for nearly a decade. The focus is not on mass producing items, but on maintaining the highest quality at all times. Needless to say, the use of sumptuous textures and tactile trims goes a long way to create items that stand apart. From the Harris Tweed that is handwoven in the Outer Hebrides, all the way through to luxurious alpaca and merino wool sourced from farms across the UK, Bo-peep Handmade has always prided itself on the use of locally sourced materials that when combined provide true quality. Best Artisan Children’s Knit Products Provider 2021 The handmade experience is one which guarantees a level of quality at every level, and Lorraine’s entire business is built on the quality of every aspect. Many companies, even in the world of handmade items, depend upon products from abroad or that have been mass produced. When Bo-peep Handmade is involved, they only use materials that will be as unique as the final product This is part of the secret to the team’s enviable success and has guided them through the most difficult challenges. Lorraine does not have a team to help with her the growth of Bo-peep Handmade, relying on her family for any support she needs. This means that every product has the element of a personal gift from her to her customers. They are made and designed with love. Looking forward, Lorraine intends to grow Bo-peep Handmade’s reach in the same organic way that has brought her such success so far. As she continues to attend trade fairs, we’re sure that Lorraine will continue to reach out to people and achieve new and impressive levels of success. 2022 looks positive for Bo-peep Handmade, as Lorraine continues to offer truly exceptional services to her customers. The quality of her work has never been higher, drawing in a clientele who not only want, but appreciate the care and attention that go into every stitch and seam. We celebrate that success and look forward to what she does next. Company: Bo-peep Handmade Name: Lorraine Hyslop Email: Web Address: Sep21448