British Made Awards 2021

2 | British Made Awards 2021 Welcome to the British Made Awards 2021 As the birthplace of the industrial revolution, and a leading nation in the manufacturing industry today, what better way to showcase the current movers and shakers of the manufacturing trade than with SME’s British Made Awards 2021! This year UK manufacturers have had to navigate a changing economy post-Brexit which has brought many challenges, but has also demonstrated the perseverance, tenacity and innovation of our nation’s greatest creators and makers. SME News is therefore proud to introduce the British Made Awards, to commend and spotlight only the best of British suppliers. Contributing an enormous £191 billion to the economy overall in 2020/21, the manufacturing industry has remained the backbone of UK economy since its inception, and currently supports 2.7 million jobs nationwide. The North West of England contributes the single highest output per region, whilst the South East has cornered the market for the manufacture of electronics, which is now worth £4.7 billion alone! Strong industry links remain throughout the Midlands, with Birmingham once hailed ‘the city of a thousand trades,’ and Welsh manufacturing continues to account for nearly a third of its GDP. Laura Brookes | Senior Editor +44 (0) 20 3970 0052