British Made Awards 2021

21 | British Made Awards 2021 Formed in 2007, the team at Dip-San set out to reinvent the traditional toilet brush. Their victory in SME News’ British Made Awards 2021 is well deserved. We take a closer look at the company to find out more. The Dip-San design team’s key objective was to develop a hygienic, class leading toilet brush, addressing the significant hygiene issues inherent with the traditional design using the best of British engineering to bring that dream to life. The result was “Dip-San® - The Hygienic Toilet Brush”. Launched in 2009, the UK & US Patented Dip-San toilet brush incorporates a spring mechanism that plunges the brush head into an internal reservoir of cleaning fluid, disinfecting the brush head, leaving it in a totally hygienic state. Crucially, the germ incubator effect of the traditional toilet brush is removed. As a further enhancement, Dip-San partnered with Addmaster in 2019, creating an antimicrobial “Biomaster” version by impregnating plastic component with silver-ion material. The key benefit being to reduce the risk of cross infection between users on the touch surfaces. This additional layer of infection control is particularly welcome, especially as we adapt to a new way of life during the current pandemic and beyond. There are key sustainability benefits of turning to the Dip-San toilet brush. Traditional and invariably cheaper toilet brushes must be regularly replaced, and as such cost considerably more in the long run. While many national distributors have thrive on the importation of cheap toilet brushes, Dip-San presents a viable alternative. Only the brush head must be replaced, and this occurs not every few weeks, but every six months or so. Currently, the Dip-San team are working with a large NHS trust that is looking to stop disposing of over 800 toilet brushes every 6 weeks. Naturally, the implementation of Dip-San toilet brushes Best Hygiene Solutions Small Manufacturing Business 2021 would reduce this disposal to near zero while improving toilet hygiene in all areas. Recently, the team delivered 3000 bespoke coloured units to their Benelux distributor in order to complement their high-quality washroom range. The Dip-San team is keen to support UK manufacturing, being members of both the Make it British and Made in Britain organisations. The company firmly believes it is vital in these economically challenging times that businesses commit to returning the maximum economic benefit possible to the UK. Dip-San toilet brush is wholly UK manufactured to the highest standards, bringing both the aforementioned economic benefits to the region as well as a reduced environmental impact. The company is proud to offer a totally unrivalled Lifetime Warranty on all Dip-San toilet brushes and recently celebrated passing the 100,000 unit sold. Company: Dip-San® – The Hygienic Toilet Brush Name: Neil McAllan Email: Web Address: Sep21622