British Made Awards 2021

23 | British Made Awards 2021 Established in 2019, Dipii Stark is renowned for providing highly skilled craftmanship and the finest ethically sourced materials. In light of the company being recognised within SME News’ British Made Awards 2021, we got in touch with Founder and Creative Director, Amardip Khosa-Stark to learn more about the business. Amardip Khosa-Stark’s journey into creative art was rekindled when she took a trip to a textile museum in Italy which exhibited historic and contemporary textiles and outfits over centuries gone by. She was drawn to the different stages of fabric making and how this had evolved over time. Viewing the museum’s vast selection of private archives triggered a desire in her to create her own motifs. She said, “The visit also evoked a nostalgic memory as a little girl in my nan’s cotton fields. I watched her pick cotton, clean it and then spin the ‘white fluff’ into thread using a traditional wooden spinning wheel. She would then dye this yarn into a profusion of colours and weave into mats or blankets and adorn her home. It was such a natural course of events once harvesting was done and the long evenings meant women could sit around gossiping and weaving. I just loved the strong bond these women had. “Growing up, my mother had built a reputation for dyeing silks, and I learnt from her the art of mixing colour to dye fabric. I believe a lot of my natural artistic ability can be contributed to the creative women who surrounded me while growing up.” Amardip has a passion for working with natural fibres, especially silk, and she takes pride in designing her motifs onto luxurious fabric. She sources her inspiration from her surroundings, whether it’s from her travels, an experience, or the beauty of nature. Sometimes, it’s a fleeting moment of beauty which she will keep in her mind’s eye and channel into the creative process of her design. Other times, she allows a free flow of the design while the world is still in slumberland. She takes this quiet time as a valued moment when creating designs and she especially enjoys watching art unfold before her eyes during these hours. She also spends time carefully selecting the colours to bring her art to life, as she believes colours can influence the way people feel. The art of teaming pieces together into a complete outfit, whether scarf or a pocket square, can bring one’s personality into full play. Dipii Stark’s philosophy reflects creative pursuit and the art of product design, and dedication to produce outstanding British products. Every design stems from a personal selection of photographs or hand drawn images which are guided by passion for travel, lifestyle and as a result, create unique and special pieces. Every step of the design process is carefully considered, from the concept to the finished product, transforming designs into luxurious silk pieces. When it comes to transferring designs onto fabric, Dipii Stark carefully sources companies that are experienced in printing processes and sewing skills in the UK, including printers in Macclesfield, a town which has a historical connection to the silk industry. The company chooses to print its art onto pure silk material for its natural fibre qualities and durability. The fluidity and sheen on the fabric allows for the colours on the images to radiate intense vibrancy, making the product look elegant and luxurious. Once the printing process is complete, the materials arrive at the Dipii Stark workshop for careful examination regarding accuracy of colour match and to ensure each meets the company’s high quality standards, before being finished with a hand rolled hem. The time devoted to ensuring the accuracy of every design guarantees the best quality of each product. Dipii Stark chooses to work with the companies it does because of their mindfulness regarding waste during manufacturing processes and they take steps to minimise it. They ensure they are compliant with the UK’s waste framework regarding disposal of their waste by-products, waste fabrics being incinerated by recycling specialists to produce bioenergy and create heat sources and electricity. Also, by keeping all of its suppliers within the UK, it enables Dipii Stark to reduce its own carbon footprint. Indeed, Dipii Stark is a brand highly passionate about both its products and sustainability, and Amardip and her team hope that customers find as much joy in wearing their pieces as they do in making them. Company: Dipii Stark Contact: Amardip Khosa-Stark Email: Website: Sep21675 Best Sleepwear & Silk Scarf Fashion Brand 2021