British Made Awards 2021

24 | British Made Awards 2021 Whilst there is competition within the marketplace, Pattern Weights has always been at the top of its field by keeping track of its competitors, primarily imports from overseas, as rivalry within many industries is due to imports vs the UK market. Pattern Weights overcomes this by “striving to ensure keen production costs, low order values, all British made components and personal branding at no extra cost backed up by a customer service we are proud of,” states Darren. For Pattern Weights, it is imperative to source and produce products within the UK. Darren states, “From a business point of view it’s important for more of us to make business decisions that contribute the support of our economy, our manufactures, retailers and consumers, buying British has never been more important than it is today. The UK make some amazing and wonderful products, and such talent should be supported and applauded.” There is truly something remarkable about buying something in your homeland that supports innovators and creators nationwide. Now, thanks to Pattern Weights, it can add itself to the list of beautiful, handcrafted British products renowned for their quality and United Kingdom pride. Contact Name: Darren Rice Web Address: Contact Email: Company Name: Pattern Weights Ltd Pattern Weights is a company that serves the artistic community by creating tools that aid in securing patterned pieces, keeping them in place so that fabric can be cut as accurately as possible without the need for pins. Recently recognised as the Most Innovative Arts & Crafts Tool in 2021, Pattern Weights are easy to apply, remove and adjust rather than traditional pins; moreover, they don’t affect the fabric. Meaning they won’t leave marks or damage to textile patterns. Exclusively designed by artists, Pattern Weights are available in three diameter sizes in sets of four or six. Pattern Weights Ltd was established to connect consumers with artists. The idea was to make artists work accessible in a practical environment; collaboration has enabled the company to create 1000’s designs that clients can choose from. Initially inspired by watching the Great British Sewing Bee, Managing Director Darren Rice states, “Pattern Weights was originally born out of a desire to create innovative, practical products complimentary in a working environment. We work alongside retailers and distributors in the sewing and craft marketplace to bring consumers a diverse range of pattern weights available in three sizes.” In a business sense, being practical doesn’t always mean being environmentally friendly. Therefore, Pattern Weights has taken it upon itself to not only become the most innovative arts and crafts tool but an ethical one, making it one of the most reputable companies within its field of work. The industry is changing every year. To keep up with it, Pattern Weights has decided to change for the better, pursuing an ethical and environmentally friendly product produced locally. For its customers, having a product sourced and made within the UK offers a sense of pride and sustainability towards the economy. Thus, Pattern Weights decided to make the change and create innovative, practical, and locally made products. Additionally, launching in November 2021 is its brand-new Button Pattern Weight, of which all components of the weights are made with 100% British materials. Most Innovative Arts & Crafts Tool 2021: Pattern Weights Darren explains, “Our new pieces of pattern weight architecture are called ‘Button Pattern Weights’ they are made from solid metals, created, and designed just like a button and available in eight wonderful colours. They also have their own British made leather/wool wallet to keep them safe. We are very much looking forward to producing them and making them available for retail very soon.” Additionally, Pattern Weights offers bespoke and customisable designs to individual clients and caters to specific brand requirements. Working with its customers to a common goal is the highest of priorities, continually improving and learning to create innovatively through every opportunity. Sep21738 Artist Name: Catherine Rowe