British Made Awards 2021

26 | British Made Awards 2021 Some of the ingredients found within the products are plant extracts, herbal infusions, botanicals, naturally derived emulsifiers with the combination of ancient herbs and oils known for efficiency. These components make up the base of most of the products found at Veduxe and are precisely why it has been recognised as being the best within the industry. Overall, the company has been recognised for its ethical efforts within the industry, creating an organic brand for itself while encouraging its competitors to follow with more natural and ethical offerings. Why? Because you deserve the best, the earth can offer. Indeed, there is only one competition on this planet earth, and that is how long it will take others to make the necessary changes needed to sustain it for future generations. By cosmetic companies going organic, ethical, and sustainable, we will all contribute to making this a reality. By simplifying complex cosmetic science through experienced handcrafting nature’s best, Veduxe proves that luxury can be both green and clean with remarkable results. Veduxe proves to be that versatile brand that curates nature into something divine that nurtures – without the need to GREENWASH. Nurtured By Nature. Contact Email: Web Address: Company Name: Veduxe Ltd Contact Name: Dola Oluteye What stands Veduxe out from the rest is in how it approaches cosmetic creations by handcrafting its unique offerings with entirely natural and organic ingredients. This makes the company not only green but exclusive, as very few companies offer both. Furthermore, Veduxe does this through a supply chain of ethical suppliers who adopt and promote similar environmental practices. Thus, creating a circle of sustainable methods within the industry. Veduxe’s ethos is embedded in its sustainability- guided end-to-end process. As such, the company ensures it sources all its ingredients from Cosmetic Organic and Natural Standard (COSMOS) approved and certified suppliers. Veduxe is also on track to gain the COSMOS certification for added assurance across all its offerings. Veduxe was founded with one goal – to create a range of organic and natural plant-based products and other natural resources, such as clays. Our planet is more than capable of providing us with natural and holistic remedies for diets, medicine, and even cosmetics. However, in the 21st century, only a few have been able to utilise the planet’s offerings to create such products without much dilution with synthetic ingredients. Although change is the only constant in our world, how we make it better remains the one question we keep asking in modern-day society? One of the most significant changes we are experiencing is the climate, and every effort to reduce the impact of mechanised and unfriendly practices in cosmetic formulations and creations is a welcome intervention. Investing in a company that offers holistic, organic, and natural cosmetics made to order is a unique and exclusive approach to cosmetic offerings nurtured by nature. Positively impacting the climate agenda simply by approaching your skin and hair care with ‘Climate-Conscious-Cosmetics’ (3Cs) offerings as a creative means to sustainably helping the environment; is the essence of Veduxe Ltd. The small but incremental actions we take in our daily routines and practices compound into big wins. The name Veduxe (Ltd) is a creatively adapted word from Ayurveda and Deluxe. Ayurveda is an ancient practice of natural medicines, dating over 3,000 years old, also derived from two words: Ayur (life) and Veda (knowledge). While Ayurveda is roughly translated as the knowledge of life, Veduxe communicates the intrinsic quality of uncontaminated natural herbs through cosmetics to luxuriate our hair and skin. It passes on the Ayurvedic ethos of holistic, natural, and organic practices to create unique skin and hair care products. By adopting Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and engaging the earth and its offerings to create environmentally sustainable cosmetics, Veduxe transforms oils, botanicals, herbs, and other natural ingredients into luxury items. Consequently, Veduxe has been recognised within the British Made Awards as the Leading Provider of Organic Hair Growth Kits and Best Sustainable Cosmetics Company 2021. The company offers organic and natural cosmetics for those who care for the planet and have a personal ethos with a mixture of a vegan, natural and cruelty-free lifestyle. With a mission is to support mature women and men in attaining delightful skin, body, and hair, Veduxe offers an inclusive cosmetics selection for both. Focussed on the theme of sustainability, the company believes beauty is gender-neutral and is open to all who desire an ethical cosmetic brand not tested on animals but carefully crafted for individuals that want real results with no filters. Veduxe has set an example and is known not only for its incredible line of skincare, hair care and cosmetics line but for its philosophy and ethos that makes the company stand out amongst everyone else for its dedication to the planet and its customers. Leading Provider of Organic Hair GrowthKits and Best Sustainable Cosmetics Company 2021 Oct21478 Veduxe Ltd