British Made Awards 2021

29 | British Made Awards 2021 Founded within an incredibly niche market, Raptor PR has honed its business model within B2B global communications for the video games and the media industries. Recognised as the Best Emerging Tech PR Agency, Raptor PR is unique in its profession, with some of the most talented communications people working within the company and, as a result, securing its place within the industry as the best at what it does – globally. Based in London, Raptor PR aims to provide pioneering B2B communication services for video games and media brands globally. Research and knowledge are at the centre of the Raptor PR business model along with a passion for providing the utmost best service and insider information. Working with some of the greatest communications talent out there, the agency showcases its knowledge in b2b communications and being life-long gamers, media and tech enthusiasts. Being passionate and interested in this line of work offers an overall benefit for its customers as you can’t fake this kind of information or love. A unique network of senior communications and content specialists empowers the company to provide the most relevant experience for each campaign and the most passionate team members. Overall, having these incredible staff members offers a unique experience that cannot be offered anywhere else. Additionally, it maintains excellence by combining and creating bespoke teams for each client. Due to its exceptional intelligence, understanding, and passion for global b2b communications representation in video games and media brands, Raptor PR is essentially without a direct competitor. The company operates in such a niche market that competition is slim, and regardless of that factor, Raptor PR would dominate the industry by being a leader in its field. Whilst the company is severely motivated by passion and perfection, its expertise delivers results that directly support its client’s business objects. Raptor PR is a fierce company, and its relentless pursuit of excellence has allowed the company to achieve more than other b2b communications agencies within the market. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many businesses within the industry had to put their Best Emerging Tech PR Agency 2021 careers on halt. While it was difficult for many companies, Raptor PR was able to use this time to develop new opportunities. During the pandemic, the companies established a virtual- first model, which moulded around clients’ evolving business needs, adapting to suit an ever- changing environment. Founder and Managing Director Rana Rahman says, “Our virtual model enables us to deliver best-in-class local services with global reach, unshackled by location, time-zone and resources. The goal is to perfect a diverse, data-driven, virtual agency model capable of adapting to rapidly changing client needs and variable economic conditions. The PR industry, in general, is ripe for disruption.” Moreover, Raptor PR launched its gamified brand identity earlier this year, which directly appeals to its growing target audience using design philosophies. The brand identity that was created has never been utilised within other games industry agencies globally, making the company extremely unique, innovatively paving the way through the market. Currently, Raptor PR is focusing on its market position and firmly concentrating on the b2b games industry and media brands. Thus, its future plans involve launching Raptor PR US and APAC by 2022. Moreover, Raptor PR is planning to launch a mobile game that will be used to market the company and a web version found on its website. Raptor PR is about to evolve further, by honing its market positioning by focusing on video games, media and now metaverse brands, as the company recently launched two metaverse brands. By pushing its gamified brand identity, Raptor PR is expanding its global reach and personalised brand to remain on top of its fields as the Best Tech PR Agency - not just in 2021 - but worldwide. Company Name: Raptor PR Contact Name: Rana Rahman Web Address: Contact Email: Sep21723