British Made Awards 2021

4 | British Made Awards 2021 Sep21292 Most Innovative Superyacht Tenders Manufacturer 2021 The award-winning Falcon Tenders team is the apex builder of high performance superyacht tenders. They produce custom limousine and open crewed launches for the discerning yacht owner. Led by legacy names in boatbuilding and powerboat racing, Mark Pascoe and Dean Stoneman, Falcon Tenders designs, develops and manufactures the finest yacht tenders at its 2,300sqm custom composites manufacturing facility in Southampton, UK. With a combined 150 years’ experience in traditional ship building across the team, they have built more than 200 tenders for some of the world’s most impressive superyachts. In fact, the company takes its name from Mark Pascoe’s involvement in the building of two custom tenders for the iconic S/Y Maltese Falcon in 2005. Mark Pascoe needs little introduction. His career began with manufacturing high-performance sports boats for Southampton-based Cougar Marine, a world-renowned brand in high- performance powerboat racing in all classes from inshore right up to Class-1 offshore. The aluminium Cougar US1 46 was particularly notable for winning the world championship in Key West; running at speeds of 90mph, the triple-engine 14m composite boat doubled as a highly sought after pleasure craft ideal for tearing around St. Tropez. Alongside his work, Mark enjoyed his own personal success in Class-1 offshore racing; he ran various race teams, including the official Lamborghini team, and raced alongside Steve Curtis MBE (eight-time offshore powerboat racing world champion) and Richard Carr. Using the knowledge he’d acquired in building powerboats, Mark applied his skills in engineering and immaculate finish to a range of RIBS and high-performance sports boats, which he produced with the help of a small, dedicated team of skilled craftsmen under Mark Pascoe Sport RIBS. During the following five years, the company enjoyed large-scale expansion, with its range of 7-10m sport RIBS achieving great success. Mark then began a new chapter in his career this year, establishing Falcon Tenders with the mission of building the very best superyacht tenders on the market. The Falcon Tenders team With a combined 150 years’ experience in traditional ship building across the team, they have built more than 200 tenders for some of the world’s most impressive superyachts. hones techniques and fine-tunes specific skills to build boats that deliver comfort, performance and experience, meaning top tier design combined with bespoke British craftmanship to produce tenders of unrivalled quality. Available from Falcon Tenders is a full range of customisable boats which optimise inhouse technical expertise and visionary concepts created by some of the biggest names in superyacht design. These include elegant limousines designed for guest transfer, crewed owner launches ideal for beach excursions, and open tenders for day trips away from the mothership. Falcon Tenders works with owners, captains, designers and shipyards to bring tender projects to life. It leverages inhouse resources along with industry know-how to perfectly craft tenders that meet specific client requirements. At 10.5m, Falcon Tenders’ limousine model is the ideal accompaniment to superyachts of all sizes – it presents the perfect design for those who are looking to comfortably move from yacht to shore, particularly 100m+ yachts that anchor further out at sea. The exterior deck areas are crafted from reclaimed teak, complemented by premium leather upholstery for a sleek interior finish.