British Made Awards 2021

6 | British Made Awards 2021 High priority when it comes to Falcon Tenders’ work is making sure it walks the sustainable line, with each of its bespoke tenders built with the option of diesel-electric propulsion. The silent and emissions-free hybrid solution provides clean and silent transit from yacht to shore. Alongside this, the inclusion of gyroscopic stabilisers guarantees greater comfort in both open and closed limousines. Additionally, lithium battery banks are used for low-speed cruising, providing electric power up to 10 knots. This is ideal for in-shore cruising or transferring in port from yacht to shore. Further out in open water, the diesel engine offers robust range and power reaching maximum speeds of 35 knots. The result is a sustainable balance between reduced fuel emissions, noiseless cruising and greater performance. Further comfort derives from the inclusion of Seakeeper gyroscopic stabilisers. These reduce the motion and roll experienced when travelling, even in choppy waters. This means whether open or closed, all boats deliver comfort and style, with the added bonus of a clean and silent cruise. To design its bespoke tenders, Falcon Tenders often collaborates with other companies, and it was recently pleased to announce its collaboration with multi-award-winning Michael Leach Design (MLD). The MLD team has 60 years’ combined experience within the yachting industry, designing some of the world’s most iconic superyachts and an array of innovative tenders. Falcon Tenders and MLD have now come together to produce a new breed of superyacht tender scheduled for release this year. The project is a 10.5m limousine which adheres to MLD’s core design values, boasting a good running hull, forward driving seat and large windows for optimised comfort. Functionality is key with easy to access maintenance areas for the crew along with versatile pickup points. Indeed, Falcon Tenders is an ambitious, highly collaborative company, with its other design partners including Uros Pavasovic, Designova Creative, ThirtyC Yacht Design, SFG Yacht Design, and more. The company intends to continue this way – innovating and collaborating to create customisable, beautiful, high-quality tenders that ultimately exceed the expectations of each and every client. Company: Falcon Tenders Ltd Contact: Mark Pascoe Email: Website: