British Made Awards 2022

12 | British Made Awards 2022 Sep22064 Best HSQE Systems Consultancy 2022 SQR Group’s climb to the top of its industry has been characterised by innovation, expertise, and development. Over the 3 years that it has been in operation, it has built up an everimproving application of health and safety, quality, and environmental management systems, each of which assist a client in the achievement and retention of ISO accreditations, as well as other types of industry certification. These include BRCGS Food Safety, RISQS, NERS, WIRS, GIRS, HERS, and FORS certificates, and give its clients the ability to show instead of tell when it comes to proving their compliance standards to their end customers. Ranging from big companies to small startups, SQR Group has a diverse client base, all who are treated with the same level of diligence and dedication, adapting to their needs and requirements to foster great working relationships with its clients over time. SQR Group builds these lifelong bonds with its clients to bolster both sides of the relationship. Nominally, a rising tide lifts all ships, and its uplifting of its clients’ abilities to develop and implement health, safety, quality, and environmental management systems ensures the elevation of the industry in the macro scale, allowing for the latest and greatest innovations to be implemented across a multitude of industry verticals. Therefore, it has been able to keep up with a diverse and changeable industry, reaping its rewards in the form of glowing client reviews and resulting sustainable growth. As a business, it keeps all its operations in house so that clients can rely on it to be dependably excellent, giving its impeccable team all the tools and training they need to achieve their tasks successfully. Thus, the resulting internal culture is one of respect, personal development positivity, care, and accountability. The devoted determination to maintaining this excellent internal atmosphere has earned it a reputation as an excellent place to work, one that welcomes new staff into a workplace that has a clear vision, inviting them to contribute majorly towards its goals by trusting them with its ambitions. In this way, it has been able to attract and retain the best talent, taking care of each of them to ensure they are supported in delivering the best health, safety, quality, and environmental services to SQR Group’s customers. Company: SQR Group Contact: Magdalena Cholewa Website: Focusing on becoming the best consultancy service in the UK, SQR Group has channelled its ef forts into the development and implementation of health, safety, environmental, quality, and solutions. Able to help clients achieve accreditations for businesses and to support them in achieving several certifications.