British Made Awards 2022

16 | British Made Awards 2022 Sep22155 As a company that does what it says on the tin, Kids Fingers and Thumbs Ltd. is a business that has been built to project the delicate hands of kids, adolescents, and adults. Its specialist gloves, each of which boast an innovative, comfortable, and hygiene-focused design, are all designed specifically for the mitigation of finger or thumb sucking, skin picking, or compulsive hair pulling, all of which can be simply habitual or behavioural results of neurological difficulties or conditions, as well as body focused repetitive behaviours; something that is very common in young children and adolescents. In latter cases, Fingers&Thumbs® gloves can be an incredible training tool that can help a anyone wean themselves out of a habit in a soft approach with comfortable gloves. Based in Kent, this small but committed team sells directly to customers via Amazon, Etsy, and Ebay, as well as its own website, and works through other companies such as in order to get its products to the young people and adults alike who will benefit from their help. The innovative design, built for comfort and flexibility, has been developed so that detrimental skin picking and trich can be addressed in all age groups, giving them an option for behaviour training and mitigation. Moreover, with its gloves being touch screen compatible, it ensures that its customers don’t have to struggle with the frustration of not being able to wear their aid whilst they work, create, or web surf. The ethical approach this company takes to its products is also impeccable; using only organic cotton, it does not recommend its gloves to children younger than 4. Indeed, it also wants to let parents and carers know not to worry too much about thumb or finger sucking in early life, as this is often a natural soother for children that can be pivotal to managing anxiety, as they lack the cognitive power to develop more sophisticated mechanisms until they grow older. However, for children who engage in such behaviour past this age to an excessive degree, the effect can be the opposite, and cause more stress than it soothes; hence Fingers&Thumbs® stepping in to help. Unique, morally stalwart, and UK based, this small but committed team looks forward to bringing new colours into its range soon. Company: Kids Fingers and Thumbs Ltd Contact: Vibeke Oliver Website: Best 2 & 3 Finger Gloves Manufacturer 2022 & Most Innovative Healthcare SME - Kent Kids Fingers and Thumbs Ltd, winners of both the above award and the Award for the ‘Most Innovative Healthcare SME’ in Kent, has made itself an exemplary and well-loved provider of specialty gloves that aid in the prevention and mitigation of various compulsive conditions. Having designed the Thumb, 2Finger, and 3Finger gloves for this exact purpose, its products are aimed at children, but people of all ages from elder teens to adults have benefitted from the use of its products. Kids Fingers and Thumbs Ltd