British Made Awards 2022

Welcome to the British Made Awards 2022 This programme aims to reward a vastly diverse range of creative manufacturers, suppliers, and all-round creative makers from across the UK, a leading nation within the industry! The UK remains the ninth largest manufacturing nation in the world, with over £180billion of output from the UK manufacturing sector, and 2.5 million jobs provided by UK manufacturing. As we start to emerge from the other side of the immediate COVID pandemic, there is widespread optimism for a recovery, with manufacturing set to increase across the country as businesses start to ramp up production! The global pandemic has continued to drive industrial innovation, leading to a greater reliance on automation. Manufacturers are investing more and more money and time into automated solutions for their operations, with the agricultural and food industries in particular at the forefront of this. These exciting innovations and advancements currently being driven further by the lessons learned from the COVID pandemic are only driving the industry to further success, so there is no better time to have your industry-leading services recognised by an awards programme! Sif Brookes | Senior Editor