British Made Awards 2022

6 | British Made Awards 2022 Aug22587 Best British Ladies Clothing Manufacturer 2022 The fashion industry is booming, but behind it stands an impressive textiles industry, and in the UK, much of this sector can be found in the city of Leicester. For centuries, Leicester has housed some of the nation’s largest clothing manufacturers – but with its heyday long gone, can Leicester reignite the fire behind its largest industry? Prime Casual, a leading women and children’s clothing manufacturer, believes so. The world has changed greatly since 1987: mobile phones are now commonplace, you can stream films on laptops and televisions, and social media has connected people across the globe. For Prime Casual, a family-run business based in Leicester, 1987 was the year of its genesis. Mr Singh, the company’s director, founded the business, and has since pushed it to become a leader within the UK textile and manufacturing industry. Prime Casual specialises in the design and manufacturing of ladies’ and children’s clothing from e-retail, high street, and wholesale to bespoke tailoring. Within these areas, the company offers design, sampling, fabric sourcing, bulk production, and quality control services. Such offerings are fulfilled through the use of cutting-edge technology, and it is this that has enabled the company to work with some of the most prominent international clothing retailers and up and coming fashion brands. Boasting a team of experienced in-house designers, Prime Casual strives to consistently produce fresh concepts to all of its customers. Their designers create garments that are in line with the clients’ budgets and specifications, with designs manifesting through the use of 3D technology. Through using this system, Prime Casual is able to offer its customers the best possible fits. Once these designs have been approved, the company brings the garment to life, utilising the sampling stage to cultivate a prototype. The company sources its fabrics from local suppliers which, thanks to Leicester’s booming industry, means that the client receives exceptional quality. Furthermore, this also guarantees sustainability. From here, the process moves on to bulk production, which is optimised through a specialised CAD system. By using CAD, Prime Casual ensures that the pattern is perfectly graded to meet its clients’ sizing requirements. Prime Casual finishes off its method with quality control, during which the garments are placed through a specialist metal detection system and then packaged per the client’s individual requirements. Quality is key – this is Prime Casual’s core belief. As such, client-centricity is the company’s main priority, as it hopes to provide customers with a personable service from design to shipping. This is, in part, due to the fact that it wants to support Leicester and the local manufacturing industry, driving more business into the UK. Henceforth, the company is proud to deliver internationally, and even maintains Fastforward approved fully audited status. Leicester has been Prime Casual’s home for the past 35 years, but the city’s involvement with the textile industry spans much further. From the 19th to the end of the 20th century, Leicester supported thriving hosiery, footwear, and engineering industries, with names such as the British Shoe Corporation finding their homes in the city. It was a place where both men and women could work – a place of opportunity and diversity – and therefore, Leicester became the hub for a vibrant community. Whilst much of this industry has since moved away, Leicester is still known for its textile sector and is known as the heart of the UK’s textile industry. It is fair to say that in recent years the coverage of this industry has been turbulent; there has been a great amount of discussion surrounding factory conditions and workers’ rights. Yet in spite of this, the industry is undergoing a revival of sorts, and at the forefront is Prime Casual. The company currently employs a team of 100 and it treats these team members like family, as family is at the heart of everything Prime Casual does. It wants its team to feel like they are part of a shared purpose that centres around client-centricity and the textile industry. Simply, for Prime Casual, it all comes down to quality, especially within its products. Every single person that works for the company understands the importance of this, from quality design to seamless manufacturing. Prime Casual has seen unprecedented growth over the past few years. Its customer portfolio has blossomed, and the company opened its second production unit this year. Prime Casual hopes to sustain this growth, maintaining service levels whilst continuing to improve its offerings. In addition, over the next year, it hopes to acquire an even greater range of clients. Contact: Pargan Singh Company: Prime Casual Web Address: