British Made Awards 2022

8 | British Made Awards 2022 Best Custom Yacht Tender Builders 2022 As the purveyor of exemplary and expertly realised boats, vehicles with both style and manoeuvrability, Falcon Tenders created the ‘Beach Club Limousine Tender’. These vessels provide service, support, and entertainment to the private or chartered superyacht; from ferrying people to and from shore to handling activities such as water skiing, its customisable limousine tenders and open crewed launches have earned it a stellar reputation. In such a small, lucrative, exclusive market, Falcon has thrived by ensuring each of its crafts deliver comfort, performance, and experience reliably. With an incredible range of customisable tenders for superyacht owners that have been developed over the past 25 years, the award-winning team at Falcon Tenders have built over 205 different projects, all with a range of different specifications and requirements. Nominally, it creates and realizes its builds with sustainability, technology, and design in mind always, with Falcon Tenders striving to walk an environmentally responsible path, giving clients the option of having a diesel-electric propulsion engine which makes for a silent and emission-free hybrid solution. It has also developed to include gyroscopic stabilisers that guarantee greater comfort in open and closed limousines. Designed for everything from daytrips to passenger transport, it can fit superyachts of all sizes, with Falcon Tenders determined to fit all its tenders to scale and specification; however, it often finds itself serving the upper end of this scale, with larger superyachts that need more specialized tenders in mind. Ostensibly, the boats all boast a luxurious guest area with soft, waterproof fabric sofas secluded by privacy screens, an equipped crew area that can deliver exemplary drinks service, ergonomic sun loungers, boarding ladder, and shower to the aft. Indeed, its dedication to sustainability is also decking-deep when it comes to Falcon Tenders’ limousine tenders. Each of them has been created out of lightweight, plant based composite construction material, and due to the malleable and adaptable nature of the designs in which it uses this material, it has been able to build its reputation on fulfilling a promise to bring any project to life. Its beach club limousine tender is a 16-seater, but with all manner of different limousines available in all manner of different seating capacities and with a variety of different amenities that can be included, it hopes to impress upon its clients that when it comes to their tender, the only limit is their imagination. Founded by leading minds in yachting, Mark Pascoe and Dean Stoneman, both have propelled the name of Falcon Tenders into the international spotlight thanks to their own reputations. Independently, both had already made themselves legacy names in boatbuilding and powerboat racing, setting up the company to enable others to have access to the kind of quality experience that they themselves have championed throughout their enjoyment of boats in leisure and sports. Additionally, the design, development, and manufacture of its boats are all handled by British crafters who have made it their mission to design, develop, and deliver the best of the best on a large scale and without scruples. Manufactured at its 2,300sqm custom composites facility in Southampton in the UK, it has proven itself time and again with the quality finish of a family business, earning it the good will and return custom of its market segment. These people often hear about it through the glowing word of mouth referrals or interstellar reviews that it receives through a variety of different mediums, and Falcon Tenders prides itself on showing instead of telling new clients the truth behind each of the compliments it receives on its hard work. Indeed, its 150 years of combined experience between each member of the workforce allow it to combine traditional shipbuilding experience with modern innovation. Having taken its name from Mark Pascoe’s involvement in the creation and building of the iconic S/Y Maltese Falcon in 2005, it wears its diligence and exemplary nature on its sleeve, allowing prospective clients to find it with ease through existing knowledge of this work as one of its many channels of naturalistic marketing. Another is the further awards it has won. Simply by continuing to build tenders that are exemplars of great technique and fine-tuned to deliver on each of its core values, it has earned itself a variety of accreditations and titles that speak to the quality of its work. Nominally, the result is a tender that doesn’t scrimp on comfort, performance, or user experience, with its heritage boatbuilding granting an immersive and magical experience that will capture the heart and the imagination. As a company at the apex of high-performance superyacht auxiliary crafts, its passion and tenacity bring heritage boats to the bespoke market, fusing the techniques of the old masters with all the safety and amenities of the modern-day yachting industry. Directed by an in-house workforce, the Falcon Tenders team each operate with the strictest levels of rigour. Their attention to detail, ability to keep an eye on the bigger picture, and ability to deliver renowned, high-performance tenders is something that Mark Pascoe – as CEO and Director – has become incredibly proud of over time. Crucially, so much of this was made possible in the first place by him and his incredible work, winning awards for work such as his aluminium Cougar US1 46, a craft that was able to reach incredible speeds suitable for class 1 offshore racing. The engineering, diligence, and comprehensive excellence that went into his racing boats now goes into his yachting tenders, and his pride in doing so is reflected by the rest of his impeccable team as they continue to innovate. Sep22066