British Made Awards 2023

SME News | British Made Awards 2023 | 10 Best Vehicle Body Restoration Company 2023 - Bristol Every vehicle needs a fresh coat of paint from time to time. And, when said time comes, visiting a trusted company with a brilliant reputation is simply non-negotiable. For the Bristol area, one such company is South West Kustom – a small collective that has triumphed over the local vehicle restoration scene. Manned by Daniel Bennett, Rich Webb, Steve Gates, and Jodie Lee, this quartet has been able to make a real difference, and we explore how. Setting its sights on achieving excellence, no matter the scale of the work provided, South West Kustom is Bristol’s number one company for vehicle restoration. Regardless of whether it’s providing classic car insurance approved repairs, classic car body and paint services, bare metal repairs, body modification and fabrication, custom paintwork, automotive paint distribution, or damaged and unwanted car purchases, South West Kustom is dedicated to listening to a customer’s needs to reach the desired result. And with such a diverse clientele, ranging form individuals to large corporations, South West Kustom has proven that it’s more than capable of delivering a comprehensive, client-involved service. What makes South West Kustom truly unique, however, is its personalised services for classic car owners. As a company that specialises in classic cars, it’s able to provide a tailored experience that’s wholly bespoke to the car enthusiast in question. After all, quality work is its primary objective, and its team of four is prepared to do whatever it takes to establish an amicable relationship with its clients that’s sure to last, all whilst ensuring that each project is completed to the best of its ability. This dedication to meeting its self-set standards is clearly reflected through online reviews – the likes of which are consistently praising the collective for its impressive variety and level of quality. One such review had this to say – “… Great team here. Attention to detail is second to none, and they really take pride in their work. So you know your vehicle is in safe hands…”, whilst another noted the “… Great care and effort that is taken in all of the work that is done - fantastic attention to detail and quality of finish. Also amazing custom finishing on both my car and bike. Great customer service. Highly recommended.”. Though there are plenty more words of praise from clients across Bristol, we believe that South West Kustom’s impact on customers has already become abundantly clear. As car enthusiasts, this quartet won’t rest until it has achieved a result far exceeding anything that any client could’ve expected. At its heart, South West Kustom seeks to preserve its clients’ vehicles, largely working with classic cars in order to maintain value in both an investment and sentimental sense. Regardless of what a customer is looking for, its prowess within such a niche field grants South West Kustom the opportunity to really thrive. The result is clear – there’s an unapologetic display of talent, skill, and passion for its work that’s simply undeniable once witnessed. Where most would see operating within a niche as a restriction, South West Kustom takes full advantage of this quality to truly emphasise its unique expertise and individuality. After all, every car is different, and South West Kustom is on-hand to ensure that it stays that way. To South West Kustom, maintaining high standards is imperative to its operations. As such, it has avidly devoted itself to recognising the best possible approach to each individual situation, be it through listening to every detail that its clients have to offer, to consulting one another on how to best reach the perfect end result. This, combined with ethical practises, ensures that each job is treated with the utmost sincerity, whilst ensuring that each individual is heard and considered throughout the process. It’s an approach that, unfortunately, isn’t witnessed too often within the industry – one that truly sets South West Kustom apart from its competitors. But just how does South West Kustom manage to consistently secure a solid internal structure? Put simply – South West Kustom is a family more than it is a workforce. With such a small number of individuals operating within the collective, it’s able to draw out the strengths of each individual, giving each person the chance to shine in their own right. As a quartet, it boasts an advantage in passion, personalisation, and preparation. So, if a challenge were to arise, there are no doubts in South West Kustom’s mind that there will be an expert at the ready to assist. Combine all of these factors, and you’ve got a vehicle restoration company whose quality remains uncompromised, no matter how tough a project may be. If there is one key part of South West Kustom that must be emphasised, it’s its ability to consistently deliver quality workmanship that lives up to the reputation that it’s tirelessly worked to earn. However, this isn’t its only defining characteristic – South West Kustom is so much more than a collective brimming with quality. It’s a communicative partner throughout a client’s restoration journey – one that’s eager to deliver a personalised service that’s perfectly catered to even the most niche of needs. And, once the project is complete, South West Kustom is on-hand to provide educational content to help clients maintain the results. Of course, this may be easier said than done, in which case the quartet will provide comprehensive follow-up services to ensure ongoing satisfaction. There truly isn’t anything holding South West Kustom back from continuous improvement. It possesses both talent and passion in droves, and the result is a constantly evolving collective that is set on making changes to benefit customers even further than it already does. Its professional approach and impressive insight into the classic car industry is simply second to none, and it’s for this very reason that we’re eager to feature South West Kustom in this awards supplement. We’re sure that, as it proceeds into the future of its sector, it’ll find even greater success. And we can’t wait to see it happen. Contact Details Contact: Daniel Bennett Company: South West Kustom Web Address: