British Made Awards 2023

SME News | British Made Awards 2023 | 12 The importance of health and safety in the workplace is something that cannot be underestimated in this day and age. It is vital for several reasons, not least of which is the essential protection of employee wellbeing, both mentally and physically. It also ensures that any members of the public who come into contact with the business are likewise protected, and it is a crucial part of an employer’s duty to its staff, making sure they are not put at risk of injury as they carry out their work for the company. All businesses must, of course, comply with health and safety laws and regulations, as flouting such can not only lead to fines but can lose you staff, eat into your profit margin, and ultimately might lead to illness, injury or even the death of an employee. LifeSafety is specifically designed to reduce workplace injuries by using an AI-driven resource that oversees the compliance of workers to ensure they are appropriately kitted with the essential PPE whenever entering a site. The primary clients LifeSafety deals with are construction companies and contractors, especially those who are involved in large-scale commercial and infrastructure projects. Its unique solution to addressing construction site safety using AI monitoring addresses the particular challenges of construction site safety. This ranges from compliance and connectivity to power and environmental conditions. The way LifeSafety works is by performing inference and object detection locally, thus eliminating the need for a high-bandwidth internet connection. This is important as connectivity can be an issue for some construction sites. The feedback LifeSafety can provide is immediate, with zero latency. It saves clients’ costs by being able to deploy the model on the edge, negating the need for reliance on a heavy cloud infrastructure. One of the additional benefits LifeSafety brings to the UK is through its own manufacturing process. As all LifeSafety devices are manufactured and produced locally, it is concurrently supporting local businesses, and taking advantage of the region’s admirable high quality and safety standards. Using UK based manufacturers also allows for quicker iterations and adaptations, based on real-time feedback direct from the field. LifeSafety’s successful transitioning from trial to this new stage of deployment marks a significant phase in the company’s life, and brings it closer to its goal of setting a new standard in the world of occupational safety across the construction industry and beyond. LifeSafety is keeping a close eye on the state of the industry in its region, and is pleased to see that the construction business is steadily embracing technology ranging from the IoT (Internet of Things) monitoring of environmental conditions, to wearable devices. This signifies a shift in perspective, as the industry moves towards a data-driven and proactive approach to health and safety compliance. LifeSafety is perfectly positioned therefore to capitalise on this trend, by enhancing safety measures and fostering continuous improvements in workplace safety measures. The company’s comprehensive health and safety analysis is a major plus when it comes to ensuring safety is delivered accurately, using the most advanced technology. It empowers the organisations it works with to proactively identify risks, prevent accidents, and create secure and productive work environments. Using advanced British company LifeSafety provides an innovative helping hand when it comes to reducing injuries within the workplace. It offers an AI-driven solution for monitoring Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) compliance in real-time, using computer vision to detect whether construction workers are wearing the required safety hardware, such as hats, boots, and gloves, when they enter a site. Most Innovative AILed Health & Safety Company 2023 “We specialize in delivering cuttingedge solutions to enhance workplace safety. Our comprehensive range of services includes AI-driven safety inspections, incident reporting, realtime hazard monitoring, and PPE tracking.”