British Made Awards 2023

technology to identify complete safety assessments, and a robust system for capturing and resolving any incidents that do occur with complete effectiveness. The real-time monitoring provided by LifeSafety means that it’s easy to detect and promptly address any potential hazards, whilst the efficient tracking of PPE ensures optimal safety compliance at all times. LifeSafety is determined to provide efficient incident management for organisations to help them enhance their safety across the board. Its innovative system prioritises timely reporting of incidents and encourages thorough investigations. It can be used to facilitate seamless communications, driving continuous improvements and mitigating risks with its enhanced safety protocols. All the solutions LifeSafety brings are there to make life easier for its customers. On an internal level, LifeSafety is focused on creating a positive culture for all of its own employees. It feels this is of paramount importance because it directly impacts on productivity, innovation, and the company’s overall success. It aims to foster a culture that is built on the pillars of open communication, collaboration, continuous learning, and mutual respect. It also feels blessed to boast a business that is further enriched by the diversity of its workforce, which brings a wide range of perspectives and ideas to the table. LifeSafety brings a team of innovative and technical thinkers together, who continuously strive to stay ahead of the curve while exploring groundbreaking new technologies. It has been fortunate enough to attract exceptional talent to the business, undoubtedly in part due to its emphasis on providing opportunities to work on such pioneering UK projects. Its involvement with cutting-edge technology within the Machine Learning and AI domains is also a big draw for potential candidates. It has focused on building a culture of creativity, research, and development within the team, with employees encouraged to explore new ideas and take innovative approaches as individuals. 2024 marks a pivotal year for LifeSafety as it is the timeframe identified for transitioning from prototype to production. In other words, it is the go-to-market year for the company. This reflects the culmination of the team's rigorous testing, refinements, and achievement of the desired quality benchmarks. As it steers towards commercialisation, its focus on establishing robust manufacturing processes further intensifies. LifeSafety is intent on fostering strategic partnerships, and building a strong market presence for its radical new product. LifeSafety also finds itself in the honoured position of being entered in the prestigious inaugural MK STEM 2024 Awards. These awards recognise and celebrate talent and excellence in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) across the city of Milton Keynes, where LifeSafety is based. The company has also won the title of Most Innovative AI-Led Health & Safety Company 2023 in the British Made Awards, 2023. We congratulate this outstanding company, fast on its way to building a successful market presence with its groundbreaking technology. Company: Web Address: Contact Name: Harry Pod