British Made Awards 2023

SME News | British Made Awards 2023 | 14 Since its establishment in 2014, KBH Building Services Ltd. has grown into a leading contractor, serving some of the UK’s largest housing associations and construction companies. The business is committed to maintaining the highest possible standards in everything it does, striving to be honest, fair, and approachable. Ultimately, it aims to achieve complete client satisfaction by delivering projects on time, within budget, and with unparalleled quality. KBH Building Services delivers a range of construction services to the public and private sectors. Its offerings include manufacturing and installing firedoors and windows, carrying out refurbishment works of kitchens, bathrooms, and general voids, and fitting safety flooring. It also provides fire stop solutions and other services like decorating, plastering, internal wall insulations, plumbing, electrics, and emergency response works. Impressively, KBH Building Services boasts an annual turnover of £17 million, working with more than 100 employees, operatives, and sub-contractors. The business stands out for its unrivalled commitment to the quality and performance of its products. With roots in its local community, the company genuinely cares about its clients (housing managers or associations) as well as the end users of its products (the actual residents). Over the years, KBH Building Services has tried every model available, including outsourcing to third parties in the UK and abroad. Eventually, it realised the strategic advantage it would gain from investing in a manufacturing base of its own. For this reason, the business expanded to incorporate a manufacturing site in Norfolk, from which it now produces its industry certified timber doorsets and windows. Thanks to this strategic expansion, KBH Building Services has been able to improve its offerings in a number of ways. Firstly, with full control of its supply chain, it can monitor and manage every aspect of its production. This means that it can answer clients’ questions immediately, with the first phone call or email, providing them with greater transparency. Secondly, operating from a UK-based facility comes with the advantages of being able to visit on short notice and easily invite prospective clients to tour the site. It was also especially beneficial during the pandemic, when international travel was restricted. Furthermore, the UK has some very specific particularities that are not always obvious to partners located abroad, including types of buildings, materials, climate, and architecture. With all its manufacturing taking place in the UK, KBH Building Services is able to leverage the local market’s skills, experience, and knowledge in order to provide its clients with the best and most suitable solutions. This has resulted in fewer callbacks, less errors on site, increased consistency in what is ordered and what is delivered, and a faster response time to any queries before, during, or after installation. Moreover, KBH Building Services is committed to bringing IT and technology into the SME end of the construction industry. For example, the company is proud to have developed an online order creation tool that can be used to generate a product “passport” containing the item’s complete history, including a 3D image, QR code, and details about materials used. With the simple click of a button, orders can automatically be sent to manufacturing from the survey at site. This means that the tool not only decreases lead times but also serves as a product record that can be checked for compliance, quality, and proof of order. The tool also allows database creation and can be used to generate tables containing details about past orders. With this, data analytics teams can spot trends related to factors like material stock and client preferences. They can also evaluate the exact time from survey to order to installation for future reference. Internally, KBH Building Services operates based on a culture of support and success, striving to help its employees achieve their personal goals alongside the wider goals of Most Trusted Timber Window & Door Manufacturer 2023