British Made Awards 2023

SME News | British Made Awards 2023 | 18 Best Business Culture & Change Consultancy Firm 2023 - London From providing businesses of all sizes the ability to improve and grow, to empowering individuals to take actions that will ultimately benefit themselves, their business, and their clientele, Carter Consultancy is a firm that truly cares about the internal structures of its clients’ collectives. A team is only as strong as its weakest member, after all, but Carter Consultancy is in the business of ensuring that there is no fragile link. Join us as we explore its three main methodologies, and how they are put to use in order to encourage change throughout a variety of businesses. Throughout its practises, Carter Consultancy employs three key approaches towards completely reinventing the culture of a business. By placing a focus on Continuous Improvement, Customer Experience, and Change Management, it has founded the ability to tailor each method into a bespoke package that’s designed for the betterment of each individual business. And, with packages ranging from coaching or intervention sessions to day-long workshops and training sessions, spanning from one to three days, Carter Consultancy promises a wholly unique experience that caters to even the most specific of needs. In addition, Carter Consultancy doesn’t find itself bound by industry restraints – it’s able to operate across any field, no matter its complexity. After all, its focus is on the people themselves, regardless of the size or origin of a collective. By embedding and enhancing its methodologies to encourage change within a business culture, Carter Consultancy is able to not only increase productivity, but promotes an enjoyable work atmosphere that’s wholly geared towards uplifting its members. It’s this notion that truly drives Carter Consultancy – it holds a genuine love for seeing people grow and thrive which, in turn, develops into success for every individual involved. As an active member of the British Quality Foundation, an organisation that supports excellence from SMEs to corporate household names, Carter Consultancy boasts a unique edge that’s simply astounding for a single man firm. Its position within the community is what allows it to truly flourish – this collaboration encourages interactions between like-minded individuals that are facing similar challenges, and are seeking the best methodologies to rectify these issues. Helping companies become the best version of themselves is where Carter Consultancy thrives, and it consistently demonstrates an unapologetic willingness to help people and customers transform their structures for the better. At its heart, Carter Consultancy is looking to change the world of business transformation. It holds a deep passion for making it both easy and accessible for organisations, regardless of size, to reinvent the way they see themselves. This is ultimately accomplished through the aforementioned methodologies, the likes of which having come from an authentic enthusiasm for the sector. Benefitting people is the aim, and Carter Consultancy has already proven time and time again that it’s beyond capable of steering companies towards a new future – one where its employees praise the internal structure, and look forward to coming to work every day. We’re very excited to see what the future holds for Carter Consultancy. With big plans on the horizon, most notably its eagerness to launch a self-serve assessment tool entitled NOVA, the firm promises innovation in the most niche of places. Thanks to its services, workforces across the UK are operating better than ever, and we’re sure that its impact will continue to appear throughout more collectives as time goes by. As such, we’ll be keeping a close eye on Carter Consultancy, and we can’t wait to see the difference that it makes as it progresses into 2024. Contact Details Contact: Dave Stubberfield Company: Carter Consultancy Web Address: