British Made Awards 2023

Underpinned by British craftsmanship, Falcon Tenders Ltd. is the apex builder of high-performance superyacht tenders, striving to bring heritage boatbuilding to the bespoke yacht tender market. Producing custom limousines and open crewed launches for the most discerning of yacht owners, the company prides itself on the quality of its products, which are crafted with passion and designed to inspire. Best Custom Superyacht Tender Builders 2023 Established in 2020, Falcon Tenders is headed by Directors Mark Pascoe and Dean Stoneman, both well-known figures in the fields of boatbuilding and powerboat racing. The company gets its name from Mark’s role in building two custom tenders for the iconic S/Y Maltese Falcon in 2005. Together, the pair lead a highly skilled workforce with 150 years of combined experience in traditional shipbuilding, who have collectively built hundreds of tenders for some of the world’s most impressive superyachts. Over the last 25 years, the Falcon Tenders team have honed a broad range of techniques and skills that enable them to build the company’s comfortable and highperforming tenders. With their diverse and unrivalled skillsets, the company is able to offer products that combine ingenious design with bespoke workmanship, delivering unparalleled quality. In everything they do, the team are truly driven by a genuine passion and desire to create something special. Today, Falcon Tenders is proud to design, develop, and manufacture the finest yacht tenders in its Southampton-based custom composites manufacturing facility. Thanks to its outstanding team, the company delivers the quality finish of a small family business, whilst operating at a larger scale. Falcon Tenders serves clients that demand products made with the finest materials and meticulous attention to detail. To deliver this, the company sources the finest exterior waterproof fabrics from Mariaflora, which are delightful when combined with the interesting textures and details of Foglizzo leather, marble work surfaces, macassar ebony veneers, and natural slate flooring. Moreover, at Falcon Tenders, all components, fixtures, and fittings are carefully selected for their high quality, delivering the utmost longevity. They are faired and painted in high gloss Black Blue and Signal White, before the tender is assembled using industry best practices to meet full superyacht standards. Furthermore, all fabrications and stainless-steel items are custom made using 316 (A4-80) grade stainless steel, then passivated and mirror polished. In assembly, the company uses A480 grade stainless steel torx fasteners. To deliver serviceability, Falcon Tenders ensures that the tender’s primary and electrical systems are clearly labelled and that corresponding drawings are supplied. This makes maintenance, fault finding, and repair much more straightforward and efficient for the client’s onsite service engineers and yacht crew. Alongside quality, Falcon Tenders is also committed to sustainability in its manufacturing processes, which not only appeals to the younger generation of modern yacht owners but will also be relevant to the owners of tomorrow. For this reason, the company’s main structures and small component mouldings are made with plant-based epoxy resin, which is the product of the latest innovations in biobased chemistry. Additionally, the industry has recently seen an increase in demand for hybrid and fully electric technology. As a custom builder, Falcon Tenders is easily able to diversify its products to incorporate the latest advancements in hybrid and electric propulsion technologies. The company is also currently investigating hydrogen powered options for its products. As a result of its outstanding custom tenders, Falcon Tenders has been named Best Custom Superyacht Tender Builders in the British Made Awards 2023. The company is proud to have launched two completely unique limousine tenders to the market, designed by the prominent studio of Michael Leach Design. In the coming years, Falcon Tenders looks forward to engaging in a number of further collaborations with high-profile superyacht designers. On this, Mark comments, “We have attracted some of the world’s top design studios to join us on this exciting journey, and to help us achieve our goal to deliver the finest bespoke tenders to owners and their crews, ranging from 5 metres up to 18 metres.” Contact Details Contact: Mark Pascoe Company: Falcon Tenders Ltd Web Address: