British Made Awards 2023

SME News | British Made Awards 2023 | 20 Best Fitted Furniture SME 2023 -Yorkshire Berjen is a family run furniture business based in Yorkshire. It designs, manufactures, and installs bespoke kitchens, bedrooms, and other fitted furniture for customers, always striving to deliver products and services of the very highest standards. It carefully matches customers preferred stylistic features by getting to know them and staying attentive to all requirements. Berjen is a firm that prides itself on its friendliness, attention to detail, and top-level products. It offers free initial consultations, ensuring it fully understands exactly what customers’ requirements and budget restraints are straight off the bat. The complete service it supplies is backed up by intensive inhouse training of at least 3 years, overseen by its experienced company directors Many of Berjen’s customers return years down the line, when embarking on new projects. This is because the firm’s meticulous approach to customer service is second to none, and its products and finish are highly regarded. The company works with a wide variety of customers, confident in its ability to always provide a high-quality service. In fact, it’s a point of principle for Berjen that it doesn’t take any money from customers (including deposits) until the work is completed to their full satisfaction. As a proud British company, Berjen endeavours to purchase its products from other British businesses, and wherever possible family-owned ones, like itself. This is because it has found such companies choose to look after their customers with a much higher level of service, often going the extra mile for clients, just as Berjen itself does. Of course, buying locally also has the additional advantage of faster turnarounds, with less harm done to the environment through product miles. Berjen is steadfast in its support of other British businesses; something it feels very strongly about. Berjen is aware there has been a recent downturn in home improvements as it has its ear to the ground, and knows its suppliers are reporting a decrease in sales at the moment. The effect of this hasn’t reached Berjen yet because it has a substantial customer waiting list. It could take many months to feel any effect, if at all. The truth of the matter is that if companies operating in a similar field to Berjen, but without its superlative service offerings, find that they can’t cope, it could even mean an increase in sales. Berjen is optimistic it will still be around long after they have gone. The entire culture at Berjen is focused on customer service combined with quality products. As such, every potential member of staff is asked the same questions at interview, with their answers determining if the culture is a good fit. Generally, most employees begin at apprentice level first, and so these values are very much built into training. With Berjen, it’s not just about learning a trade but about adopting the customer service way of life. This is Berjen’s unique selling point as it feels it is something that is sadly missing from its industry. After all, nearly everyone has experienced a bad tradesman in their life, or one that could do the job well but had no customer service skills. Berjen is choosing to change this picture. The company is concerned about the current lack of apprenticeships for young people in its sector though, which it finds unacceptable. It thinks more businesses should be urged to back young people by giving them a chance. The idea of work ethics is lost on many, but Berjen believes that the right attitude and a try harder approach can overturn poor GCSE results, and go a long way towards building a young person’s future. As for its own future, in the next few years Berjen hopes to have grown further and increased its capacity. It foresees being able to bring waiting times down and gaining more customers in need of its service. It hopes to be able to continue to disrupt the lack of customer service in its industry, something that can only be achieved by keeping its high standards of quality and training the best staff. As the winner of Best Fitted Furniture SME 2023 -Yorkshire in the British Made Awards, we look forward to seeing the company continue to go from strength to strength. It is certainly gratifying to see it delivering such a great service, from people who take pride in their craft. Contact Details Company: Berjen Ltd Web Address: Contact Name: Nathan Jenkins