British Made Awards 2023

Despite the competitive nature of the construction and renovation industry, Chris Renovation Ltd is a company that takes this in its stride, and instead chooses to focus on the wonderful vibrancy of the field. Whilst some may see the rising demand for sustainable building as a roadblock, Chris Renovation Ltd has instead devoted itself to adapting to this need – be it through sourcing materials that agree with the environment on a wider scale, or through enhancing its practises to ensure that its projects refrain from having a harmful impact on the local ecology. Regardless, Chris Renovation embodies the lengths that it’s willing to go to in order to protect the natural order of our planet within a man-made industry. In addition to its dedication to the wellbeing of the globe, Chris Renovation Ltd admirably places immense value in securing stability for UK-based businesses. It views sourcing and producing its services in the UK as paramount to its company structure – through remaining focused on operating within the UK, it’s able to consistently guarantee unwavering quality control, support for local industries, and a reduced carbon footprint. As such, not only does Chris Renovation Ltd deliver unapologetically British-made designs, but it also manages to foster local economic growth in the process. Yet, at its heart, Chris Renovation Ltd is a renovation company that’s all about quality craftsmanship, and having an eye for how to produce a showstopping result with as little of an environmental impact as possible. Juggling so many high priorities is definitely a challenge, but Chris Renovation Ltd has long since mustered up the courage to overcome these restrictions in order to transform them into uplifting qualities. Its passion is second to none – it perfectly balances quality with eco-awareness to deliver some of the most sustainable projects that the UK’s renovation sphere has ever seen. In doing so, it has solidified its reputation as both a reliable and morally sound company that has its sights on the future of both the industry, and the world itself. Combined, all of these qualities make for a renovation company that really understands what’s important. Its dedication to its clients presents them with the opportunity to renovate their kitchen or bathroom spaces into something truly beautiful, all whilst knowing that they’re adhering to an eco-friendly approach throughout the process. In a time where protecting the environment is more critical than ever before, many home owners and corporations alike are seeking quality sustainable solutions, and Chris Renovation Ltd aims to be exactly that. Its vision is centered around exceptionality in every sense – a nature that has earned it such a fantastic standing within the UK’s renovation industry. We’re incredibly excited to be able to shine some light on such a thoughtful collective. By bringing together like-minded individuals, Chris Renovation Ltd has coalesced a team of dedicated renovators, each fuelled by the same ambitions. Ensuring that the customer is happy is paramount, and yet it manages to do so whilst also encouraging practises that capture the collective’s awareness of the world around it. The planet needs healing, and Chris Renovation Ltd is looking to become part of that very process. For this, it’s more than deserving of its award-winning status. Contact Details Contact: Krzysztof Kopyt Company: Chris Renovation Ltd Web Address: Having committed itself to securing excellence through meticulous planning, skilled craftsmanship, and the use of high quality materials, Chris Renovation Ltd is a kitchen and bathroom renovation company that is set on delivering bespoke solutions to its clients. Whether it’s working within a residential or commercial space, Chris Renovation Ltd is equipped with the tools to provide premium renovation services, all whilst remaining committed to sustainability, innovation, and exceptional customer service. Below, we explore its practises in more detail. Best Kitchen & Bathroom Renovation Company 2023 - London