British Made Awards 2023

SME News | British Made Awards 2023 | 22 Leading Innovators in AI Data Analytics 2023 Founded in 2018, 7007 Limited offers AI driven data analytics that provide detailed insights into potential new markets, emerging trends, and future improvements. Its input can assist a wide range of clients from SMEs to engineering multinationals. The services 7007 provides are fast, economical, and ensure straightforward, actionable insights for companies. Artificial Intelligence is big news in the UK, and indeed the world at large, with current regulations and innovations within the field changing at a rapid pace. There is no doubt it can herald major social and economic benefits, with many recognising the potential for productivity, growth, and transformation across both the public and private sectors. At 7007 Limited, state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence is combined with the necessary and vital human touch in the form of a specialist support team of data scientists, engineers, and futurists. It produces neural network algorithms and analysis driven by machine learning. The importance of maintaining the human element is never lost on 7007 Limited, who promote it as being the core part of its solutions strategy. Working with clients from a multitude of industries, 7007 Limited is confident it can extract meaningful insights for any data set. It harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence to help support clients with detailed perceptions that help advance their businesses. It sees its unique selling point as being its low-cost services, its fast response times, and of course its promise to provide clients with clear insights that drive actions. 7007 Limited has made an important strategic decision to source and produce its products and services within the UK. In terms of AI use and development, it sees the UK’s stature as being second only to the USA. This assures 7007 Limited of access to the best, most cutting-edge, world-class quality standards. It’s also cognisant of the importance of operating locally for reasons of environmental health. Not only does it reduce the impact on resources and promote sustainability, but it also strengthens connections within a local community known and respected for its technological prowess. 7007 Limited believes local commitment enriches the authenticity of its brand, as well as resonating positively with clients who value the innovative, state-of-the art solutions offered by the UK's AI and science landscape. Particularly noticeable at the moment, AI is experiencing an exhilarating, transformative juncture marked by rapid advancements. This is especially present in natural language processing, deep learning, and automation. Consequently, 7007 Limited is optimistic as a business because it sees the myriad opportunities available for small companies, as well as global players like Google and OpenAI. The company has a goal to be at the forefront of the dynamic AI evolution, integrating its revolutionary analysis with distinctly human insights. To do this, 7007 Limited utilises a team structure that is open and united in its aims. It has crafted a culture that celebrates teamwork and innovation, with a key incorporation of digital tools and virtual touchpoints all along the way. It recognises the diverse pool of talent who are interested in AI, and does its utmost to tap into this enthusiasm. The company is proud to present opportunities it hopes will encourage individuals to actually shape the future of AI. It is keen to emphasize the benefits of its own distributed model of working, which encompasses remote working and promotes a flexible worklife balance. 7007 Limited offers a friendly and collaborative virtual environment which fosters innovation and values individuals. Being as it’s such an exhilarating time to be involved in AI, it is looking forward to pioneering new markets, whilst continuing to shape a future that offers value and innovation. As the winner of Leading Innovators in AI Data Analytics 2023, in the British Made Awards, we are curious to see exactly where this futuristic company is headed next, and certainly wish it good luck with its truly inventive endeavours. Contact Details Company: 7007 Limited Web Address: Contact Name: Adrian Impey