British Made Awards 2023

Based in Cambridgeshire, packaging and container manufacturer Pulpex Ltd. has created a proven, patented and scalable packaging technology solution that will drive sustainability and pave the way to a greener future. Their first-of-its-kind bottles have the potential to be truly groundbreaking, pushing the boundaries of renewable packaging. Sustainable Packaging Innovator of the Year 2023 Every year, more than 1.3 trillion glass and plastic bottles are produced by industryleading international brands across a broad range of consumer goods sectors. Whilst many of these plastic bottles are “recyclable”, they often escape recycling systems ending up as long-living waste in landfills or oceans. Glass bottles are often thought to be better for the environment, but the reality is that they are energy-intensive to produce and heavy to transport, leading to significant carbon emissions. Aiming to tackle this issue, Pulpex set out to create a revolutionary sustainable packaging solution by harnessing the ecological credentials of pulp, a renewable and biodegradable raw material made by breaking down the fibrous part of plants, primarily using trees or recycled paper. As a result of significant research and development, Pulpex has successfully developed a scalable, fibre-based bottle that is unlike any other. Made from sustainably sourced wood pulp that is PEFC-accredited and FSC-certified, the bottles are renewable, recyclable, and PET-free. They have a lower carbon footprint than plastic and glass and readily degrade in the natural environment. Furthermore, the packaging can be customised and designed to fit the needs of any brand, complimenting their existing packaging portfolio. Designed to be easily incorporated into the current filling infrastructure of any packaging manufacturer, Pulpex’s patented technology enables companies to rethink their packaging proposition and achieve their sustainability goals. Since its inception, Pulpex has established corporate relationships with a number of leading global organisations, including Diageo, Haleon, Kraft Heinz, PepsiCo, The Estée Lauder Companies, Unilever and Castrol, who have all committed to using the Pulpex paper bottle. With these initial collaborations, the company will be able to quickly scale the solution, ensuring that it is widely adopted across multiple product categories. Pulpex was established during the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, meaning that most of its growth and expansion occurred while there were major market restrictions in place, including limited geographic access. For this reason, the company has naturally grown locally, leveraging the UK’s science and engineering talent to scale with agility and instigate the important packaging changes needed to benefit the environment. However, when it comes to global packaging and sustainability, Pulpex understands the importance of producing packaging close to the source of use. Excess resources are utilised by shipping empty packaging around the world prior to filling which, with the modularity of the Pulpex technology, can be avoided as the production equipment can be co-located with filling plants, unlike with glass and plastic production due to the required infrastructure. For this reason, whilst Pulpex and its early supply chain is UK-centric, the company plans to expand its technology to reach broader locations and deliver even greater carbon footprint reductions. In the packaging industry, one of the biggest challenges of maintaining a circular model is dealing with the sheer volume of packaging usage compared to its recovery rate and complexity. Pulpex believes that the key to ensuring the success of fibre packaging is to align its usage with testing and recovery methods. As a result, the company is a member of 4evergreen, a cross-industry alliance of over 100 members who represent the entire lifecycle of fibre-based packaging. The group is focused on harmonising circularity and recovery systems. Internally, Pulpex’s team operate based on a culture of embracing change, learning and health and safety. This is especially important due to the dynamic nature of the company’s work to scale a first-of-its-kind technology. Scott Winston, CEO at Pulpex, comments, “We are proud of what we do, yet what we do is not easy. If it was, this packaging would have existed 20 years ago and the environment wouldn’t be suffering the legacy of over-used materials. We are bringing our team and partners on the journey with us as we introduce groundbreaking technology at scale.” For its incredible work, Pulpex Ltd. has been awarded Sustainable Packaging Innovator of the Year in the British Made Awards 2023. Currently, the company is in the process of deploying the next evolution of its research centre, with the incorporation of its first commercial scale production line bringing availability of millions of bottles on the journey to deliver two billion bottles annually by 2028. Contact Details Contact: Scott Winston Company: Pulpex Ltd. Web Address: