British Made Awards 2023

SME News | British Made Awards 2023 | 24 Most Disruptive Asset Management Firm 2023 - London Headquartered in the heart of London’s financial district, Canary Wharf, SSV Capital Ltd is a multi-class asset manager that truly believes in the power of the disruptive sectors. Holding the opinion that these areas are the future of finance, it has devoted its resources to seeing that their success comes to fruition. Below, we delve into the myriad of services that SSV Capital Ltd provides, and how its eagerness to encourage innovation has opened up countless opportunities to develop the industry as a whole. Having dedicated itself to investing in the high growth sectors of banking fintech, funds, and real estate alike, SSV Capital Ltd is a Londonbased firm that has long since identified the key factors that can assist its clients in, not only reaching, but exceeding their goals. By offering a variety of services, including investment management, portfolio construction, and advisory sales, it has defined itself as a comprehensive companion for any company’s ambitious venture. And, despite its young age, SSV Capital Ltd has already had a major impact on the wider industry. This is predominantly due to its incredibly experienced team, whose field expertise knows no bounds. Equipped with a workforce that’s brimming with both passion and insight, SSV Capital Ltd manages to deliver the best possible investment advice, all whilst adhering to its primary focus – disruptive companies. Operating under the belief that these companies are the ones that will go on to define the very future of finance, SSV Capital Ltd grants clients access to carefully considered investments that have been backed by expert analysts and emerging industry trends. As a result, these industry changing disruptive companies receive the support that they need to transform the way we live and work, whist clients proudly play a part in forging the area’s next big step. SSV Capital Ltd has undeniably made its mark, but none of it would have been remotely possible without the dedication demonstrated by the collective to follow its three core values. Through these values, dubbed the Triple P Guideline of People, Planet, and Prosperity, SSV Capital Ltd’s unapologetic desire to maximise the positive impact of its investments truly shines through. As such, it seeks out ethically sound investment policies that assist in strategic advancements in a pragmatic way. At its core, SSV Capital Ltd is a master of balancing practicality and innovation to uncover hidden wealth creation opportunities, and it does so whilst remaining transparent, reliable, and committed to excellence. Through building steadfast relationships with its clients, SSV Capital Ltd has come to earn an incredible reputation throughout its tenure. These relationships, founded on genuine companionship and a desire to see those behind it succeed, has allowed it promise trustworthy financial management, without ever having to sacrifice efficiency in order to accomplish such a feat. SSV Capital Ltd is as speedy as it is dependable, so clients need not fret about having their needs and opinions ignored or overlooked. SSV Capital Ltd has made it its mission to deliver the best possible investment experience and, as such, has consistently connected with a variety of clients who are willing to place their faith in this ambitious collective. Innovation is the backbone of any industry, but navigating how to actively pursue said innovation is often a difficult task. When guidance is needed, SSV Capital Ltd’s professionals are on hand to ensure a seamless process, all in the hopes that both itself and its clients are ingrained in the future of disruptive sectors throughout the country. And with exciting plans for the future, it seems as though this is just the beginning for SSV Capital Ltd. Prepared to become the face of change, SSV Capital Ltd promises excellence, innovation, and industry-defining services that clients simply can’t say no to. Contact Details Contact: Ankur Ghosh Company: SSV Capital Ltd Web Address: