British Made Awards 2023

Konektio is an industry-leading Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) software business that delivers globally scalable intelligence-based IoT solutions for condition-based monitoring and energy management to the industrial and manufacturing sector. Based in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, Konektio draws on the East Midlands region’s deep industrial and engineering heritage to build a thriving diverse team that combines expert software development capability with deep industrial experience. This expertise is channelled into the development of Konektio’s AssetMinder® software, a suite of cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions that help companies to drive forward with their digitalisation, asset optimisation and Net Zero goals. Best Industrial IoT Company 2023 – East Midlands From its Chesterfield headquarters, Konektio serves a wide range of industrial and energy customers across the UK, Europe and the USA. Its AssetMinder suite of software solutions draws on the best of the IoT, cloud and artificial intelligence (AI) to provide innovative solutions to complex operational challenges. AssetMinder Predict offers conditionbased monitoring and predictive maintenance technology that captures usage and performance data from existing systems and smart sensors, providing advanced insights to unlock data-driven intelligence. In this way, customers can continually monitor the health of all assets, avoid asset failure, schedule maintenance to minimise production loss and optimise asset lifetime and performance. Turnkey deployment enables Predict users to simply connect their assets and immediately begin understanding the condition of their assets. Alongside this, AssetMinder Impact delivers energy monitoring across water, air, gas, electricity, and steam (WAGES). It captures data from existing utility systems or from retrofitted meters and sensors. Impact empowers customers to gain a better understanding of their energy usage and carbon emissions, drive consumption and cost reductions, provide the auditability and regulatory reporting required, including ISO 50001 compliance, to meet their sustainability goals and make steps towards achieving Net Zero. All Konektio solutions are technology agnostic, integrating seamlessly with all major control systems, hardware, equipment, sensors, and technologies that exist across the industrial and manufacturing sectors. Konektio is also working with industrial customers to centralise and maximise the effectiveness of IoT remote connectivity to equipment and will be soon launching a frictionless connectivity solution that is integral with AssetMinder to enable new service models. Customers experience more than just asset health and alerts – they can dig deeper into the data with intelligent machine learning; transforming the information they generate in their operations from displaying numbers and data into powerful insights that genuinely improve their operations. Through Konektio’s AssetMinder suite, customers are empowered to concentrate on refining processes, reducing energy, and making the most of customers’ resources to further improve their people’s working lives. They can start thinking ‘How can we better apply the resources we use, minimise the waste we generate and explore how we can increase our productivity with lower resource usage, while increasing the bottom line?’ Contact: Rüdiger Stern Company: Konektio Web address: