British Made Awards 2023

As homes have gotten increasingly modern, it’s become ever more likely to want to lay tiles in any room of the house. No longer is tiling exclusively bound to the kitchen and bathroom - it can instead extend beyond these boundaries to create beautifully intricate hallways, elaborate feature areas (both internal and external), fireplaces, patterned half walls and more. In response to the growing demand for quality tile services, FT Tile & Design came to be – a design company that recognises the versatility of tiles, and seeks to enrich its clients’ homes with the definition of sleek modernity. From its humble beginnings as Female Tiler, FT Tile & Design has transformed into a unique presence in industry. No matter the scale of a client’s request, FT Tile & Design’s team of highly skilled professionals are always eager to help in any way they can. Through its tailored services, it has managed to strike the perfect balance Guided by the principle of putting clients before construction, FT Tile & Design is a design business that seeks to capture the personality of its clients through each and every project. Specifically working with bathroom and kitchen designs, its bespoke services guarantee individuality at every turn. Below, we explore how FT Tile & Design’s commitment to creativity manifests through its professional tile and design work. Bathroom Design Business of the Year 2023 - London between artful interpretations of a client’s ideas, and the best way to perfectly reflect their personality through their living spaces. As such, FT Tile & Design has come to make quite a name for itself within the local area, often commended for its ability to breathe life into what may only be a simple concept. From design to installation, FT Tile & Design has its clients covered, allowing for a truly seamless venture. As such, we’re pleased to present FT Tile & Design with this award, and we’re excited to see what new projects is has to add to its gallery in the near future. Contact Details Contact: Wendy Gill Company: FT Tile & Design Web Address: