British Made Awards 2023

Specialising in the production of luxury t-shirts, sweatshirts, polo shirts, and more, Colourways Textiles Limited has spent the last three generations honing its craft in order to deliver quality products to high-end brands and boutiques. From knitting its own fabrics in-house at its Leicestershire based factory, to promoting the benefits of an eco-friendly business practise within the textiles industry, Colourways Textiles Limited promises an attentive nature that manifests through all that it does. Join us as we explore its insights, processes, and partnerships. Best Family-Run Luxury Brand Clothing Manufacturer 2023 Offering a fully factored service, Colourways Textiles Limited has been engaged in the UK’s textile industry since 1970. Spanning three generations, this collective has presented the nation with some of the highest quality of textiles, often utilised throughout luxury brands, lifestyle brands, and high-end boutiques alike. It holds great pride in its heritage, and has consistently gone the extra mile to continue the lasting legacy of such a timeless manufacturer. In order to achieve such luxurious outcomes, however, we feel it necessary to first explore the process of manufacturing in more detail. From the beginning of the process, Colourways Textiles Limited displays an overwhelming dedication to the finer details. In order to reach the exceptionally high standards that it has set for itself over the generations, it knits its own fabrics within the UK, and boasts a range of partner mills throughout Portugal, Italy, and Austria. These partnerships allow it to keep a close eye on the production of its textiles, guaranteeing unparalleled luxury no matter the article of clothing. Following the fabric production process, Colourways Textiles Limited commissions specialist dye experts within the UK, before carrying out all of the cutting, sewing, printing, embroidery, and packaging. Every aspect of its garment production is filled with the utmost care – something that is clear to see throughout its collections. As a result, clients aren’t expected to lift a finger, and are instead given the opportunity to concentrate on building their brand and generating sales. During which, Colourways Textiles Limited will fulfil its promise of luxury quality, presenting finished products that perfectly align with its clients’ branding style. One fantastic example is its work with Brothers Trust, where the hoodies that it manufactured were sold as part of a fundraising campaign for Momentum Children’s Charity – an organisation dedicated to supporting children and families dealing with cancer. As a manufacturer that has built an exceptional reputation throughout the UK, Colourways Textiles Limited hasn’t let its platform go to waste. Instead, it has leveraged its industry recognition to spread awareness of how to best approach the textile sector in an environmentally friendly way. On its Facebook page, Colourways Textiles Limited frequently shares information about recycling clothes and reducing textile wastage, all as part of its campaign to reduce the harmful impact that the industry typically has on the planet. Its selflessness is second to none – not only are its own practises ecologically aware, but it’s actively working to try and encourage the same transformation within other manufacturers too. Despite a severe lack of skilled labour within the UK’s textile sector, Colourway Textiles Limited is still devoted to providing its very best to its clients. It’s determined to overcome any emerging challenges in order to remain a trusted partner among some of its long-standing clients, and is eager to establish more connections as it continues to exemplify luxury. As such an environmentally ignorant industry, the textiles sector has been in dire need of a voice to stand out among the ground, and Colourway Textiles Limited is one such voice. We’re very excited to shed some light on this luxury manufacturer – its motivations are sure to reshape the industry as it moves towards a new frontier. Contact Details Contact: Karandeep Mattu Company: Colourways Textiles Limited Web Address: