British Made Awards 2023

Following such a drastic transformation, Mercury Hampton recognised that it needed to work quickly to establish itself as a new player within the market. Of course, it comes as no surprise to learn that this was a simple feat for the brilliant team behind this cohesive collective. Through its transition, Mercury Hampton has opened a variety of avenues – namely creating multiple revenue streams that it previously didn’t have access to. In addition, it has been tirelessly working to establish a plethora of new jobs across the UK, USA, and in other regions. Truly, Mercury Hampton personifies the positive impact of culture and recruitment consultancy firms. As it stands, it’s one of the only businesses within the UK that supports culture, people, and performance as part of a collective, and does so through the use of technology and software applications that have been tailor made to accomplish such impressive feats. This is what Mercury Hampton is known for, and it’s little wonder when considering the huge steps that it has taken for the benefit of others. Ensuring that it is on the correct path to becoming the consultancy partner of choice is paramount – after all, to Mercury Hampton, enhancing culture, people, and performance can only happen via continuous innovation. But just what services does Mercury Hampton offer to its clients? After successfully achieving diversification, the collective transformed into an authentic business consultancy that exists to support businesses talent intelligence, talent acquisition, and talent development processes alike. This is predominantly encouraged via its software-based platforms, through which Mercury Hampton deploys its array of services. By utilising three different, yet compatible, applications, it grants its clients access to a new, innovative way to track their recruitment processes. However, one element that Mercury Hampton prides itself on the most is the creation of its Cultural Due Diligence Programme. Primarily aimed at private equity and merger acquisition businesses, this programme is a one of a kind piece of kit that has no known competitors, allowing it to stand out within such a bustling industry. Purchasing a company is never a simple process, leaving factors such as due diligence severely neglected within a vast majority of organisations. It’s for this reason that Mercury Hampton came to forge its Cultural Due Diligence Programme in the first place – individuals deserve to have the tools to improve their internal structure, and Mercury Hampton is confident that its game changing software will undoubtedly open such avenues. At its heart, Mercury Hampton is a collective that has placed all of its focus onto innovation. As a result, it has transitioned from being one company amongst 30,000, to one company amidst only a handful of other innovators. Possessing 26 different services, six branded products, trade in seventeen countries, offices in four countries, and AI applications that have been implemented into both its own business and its clients’ companies processes, Mercury Hampton stands as a testament to the sheer capabilities of innovation. Through time, effort, and unrelenting passion, Mercury Hampton has become something truly special, and we can’t wait to see what innovative sight it sets its eye on next. Contact: Chris Hickey Company: Mercury Hampton Web Address: Six years ago, Mercury Hampton was created solely as an executive search business. However, in 2018, it sets its sights on a new frontier, and has since diversified itself to offer 26 varying business solutions through the use of both innovation and technology. In doing so, it even came to inherit a new mission statement that truly represents the crux of its efforts – ‘Pioneering Innovation, Solving Your People Problems of Tomorrow’. Mercury Hampton has an eye for the future, and we dig a little deeper to discover how it goes about actively pursuing industry change. Most Insightful International Culture & Recruitment Consultancy Firm 2023