British Made Awards 2023

It’s no secret that now, more than ever, the construction industry has started to revolve around sustainability and innovation. These two key factors are imperative when approaching the sector, and QuickFix Profiles is at the forefront of the charge. Offering bespoke, made to order 1st fix elements, QuickFix Profiles is looking to completely transform the way the construction industry approaches building. Join us as we explore, in more detail, just how QuickFix Profiles intends to make this change happen. Most Innovative Building Materials Company 2023 - South East Dedicated to providing bespoke 1st fix elements to drylining contractors, QuickFix Profiles has rapidly come to earn itself quite the reputation throughout the sector. Through carefully crafting each product in line with even the most stringent of requirements, it has managed to establish itself as a partner to be trusted. This nature has been embedded into its DNA since its inception, and it’s this admirable quality that has allowed it to truly flourish in an industry that may often oppose change. However, such opposition has never once swayed QuickFix Profiles – on the contrary, it has its sights set on its three key principles, and is committed to adhering to them no matter what. But just what are these three principles? Though it may appear simple at first, QuickFix Profiles’ dedication to sustainability, innovation, and safety is exactly what the construction industry has been in dire need of for years. Thankfully, QuickFix Profiles brings innovation in abundance, be it through its dedication to delivering high quality solutions to its clients, or through its plethora of thoughtful products. Regardless, QuickFix Profiles represents the impending evolution of the construction industry, and it’s determined to play a major role in its inevitable transformation. However, QuickFix Profiles isn’t just a pioneer for innovation. In addition to marking huge advancements within the industry, its passion for diversity and inclusion is second to none. Having become champions of employing one of the most diverse workforces within the industry, QuickFix Profiles stands as an example of female leadership within a widely male dominated industry – one wherein differing perspectives thrive and are constantly praised. By breaking down the generational gap between individuals, QuickFix Profiles has managed to compile one of the most cohesive teams throughout the sector, with each member in pursuit of the same goal – to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions to the industry. Primarily serving large drylining contractors and self-delivering main contractors who typically work on student accommodation, hospital, hotel, school, and apartment building projects, QuickFix Profiles has often had the chance to collaborate with some of the industry’s key players. As such, its impact spreads across the entirety of the UK, with its contributions serving to enhance some of the country’s most remarkable projects. Partner this with the fact that QuickFix Profiles proudly remains independent in nature, and you’ve got a versatile, impartial collective that’s able to seamlessly provide the best possible solutions for each client, without restraint. QuickFix Profiles isn’t simply a construction materials provider – it’s a company that’s actively set on making a real difference to an extremely stubborn industry. Whilst the construction sphere is wonderful, there’s a dire need for real innovation, and QuickFix Profiles is aiming to be the face of it. Its solutions are nothing short of revolutionary, granting it the unique opportunity to flourish and thrive in a variety of ways that aren’t too common within its area of expertise. Thankfully, this hasn’t once obstructed QuickFix Profiles from pursuing this goal. Its steadfast commitment to innovation is second to none, and it’s for this very reason that we’re proud to present QuickFix Profiles and its team with the title of Most Innovative Building Materials Company 2023 - South East. Contact Details Contact: Elizabeth McDermott Company: QuickFix Profiles Web Address: