British Made Awards 2023

SME News | British Made Awards 2023 | 4 Celestion has earned a global reputation for its premium loudspeaker transducers and compression drivers. With exceptional performance and superior reliability, its designs are manufactured for musical instrument amplification and sound reinforcement. Celestion is dedicated to the pursuit of research and development to innovate its state-of-the-art technology and shape the future of loudspeaker design. Founded in 1924, Celestion will next year mark its centennial anniversary. The company began designing and building radiogram speakers in south-west London and has a long history of manufacturing loudspeakers in Britain. From radios, Hi-Fi, and home theatres to oilrigs, factories, and loudhailers, Celestion has built loudspeakers for a wide range of domestic and commercial applications over the course of its history. The business pioneered the development of the purpose-designed guitar speaker and continues to be the world-leading brand in this market. More recently, Celestion has supplied transducers used for sound reinforcement used in a range of leisure and retail venues. Some products are offered for retail sale, but the majority are sold business to business. to OEMs (original engineering manufacturers). The transducers built today are of two distinct types, designed to satisfy two key market segments. The first comprise low-frequency woofers, high-frequency compression drivers, and wide bandwidth coaxial speakers, designed and built to the specifications of clients who manufacture the high-profile, sound reinforcement cabinets they are loaded into. Celestion caters to industry-leading British brands such as Martin Audio and Funktion One and international companies such as EAW. The second type are specialist musical instrument speakers, supplied to eminent British guitar amplifier brands, including Marshall and Vox and market-leading international brands such as Fender. Celestion has been endorsed by many legendary guitarists that the business refers to as its Partners in Tone. Ambassadors include Brian May (Queen), Angus Young (AC/DC), Slash (Guns N’ Roses), Joe Perry (Aerosmith), Tonny Iommi (Black Sabbath), and many more. The business is proud of its collaborative work with clients to meet the exact specifications for their projects and manufacture bespoke and often highly customised designs. The team works closely with OEM customers to understand their specifications for each new project and identify how best to fulfil their needs. All Celestion’s high end sound reinforcement and musical instrument products are built in the UK, which is perceived by the audio industry as having a significant premium. In the 1980s, Celestion was the first audio company to use laser interferometry to make detailed measurements of loudspeaker operation. Celestion is a renowned leader in the use of finite element methods, a sophisticated mathematical process that enables the company to simulate loudspeaker prototypes on computer prior to building. Using the latest design software, Celestion applies Finite Element Analysis (FEA) together with 3D CAD design tools for engineering analysis and design support. The team has customised these tools to achieve further accuracy in modelling and provide more revealing data visualisation enabling the team to model new concepts which in turn allows for greater flexibility, creativity and speed in development. The development process is further enhanced by Celestion’s ability to quickly build prototypes at its Ipswich design headquarters. The site is equipped with advanced equipment such as 3D printing to help enable the rapid building of samples for testing, measurement, and approval. This focus on development along with extensive on-site resources enables the company’s specialist technicians to prototype, test, and measure the performance of new designs. All Celestion products are subjected to thorough testing in order to deliver consistently high quality and faultless performance. For example, engineers make use of innovative tools such as the Klippel Distortion Analyser to make detailed measurements of loudspeaker performance. This streamlined integration of research and development, and industry-standard measuring equipment, ensures Celestion products achieve the highest degree of accuracy from design concept through to manufacturing. The design brief for the new TSQ range of low frequency drivers is “longevity of high Most Innovative Audio Equipment Company 2023